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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Well Now, That Escalated Quickly..... 30 seconds



extruded.aluminium factory Jun 22
by u/GaRgAxXx in CatastrophicFailure



From the comments section:

One second from the hydraulic failure to start of fire.

~9 seconds after the fire started he returned to the desk.

~5 seconds after that the desk was splattered with molten aluminum and on fire.

~24 seconds after the fire started for everything to turn into a hellscape with collapsing ceiling tiles, which was ~13 seconds after he returned to the desk.

If that doesn’t tell you to GTFO instantly if a fire starts in an enclosed space, nothing will. Less than 30 seconds to get out before being burned alive.

Edit: E: u/dragonczeck has experience with these machines, so I’d read what he has to say. which is to say it isn’t metal.


Another article HERE <<<<





  1. Just your average everyday flamethrower. Aluminum dust mixed with air can explode, it doesn’t barbecue

  2. Every time I've seen this I've wondered why they didn't hit the E-stop. The things are there for a reason. That's always the first thing I taught every operator on one of my production lines.

  3. In my many years, I’ve seen emergency shut-off switches in factories located too close to the equipment that they are intended to shut off. IMHO, there should be two such switches one near the operator’s reach, and one far enough away so that it can be safely operated if the equipment is completely engulfed. Even when inspecting people’s houses, I often see the oil burner emergency shut-off switch located right next to the oil burner. The best advice is for all to get out of the structure and not return and let the fire department take care of the fire.

    On another note, hydraulic lines to these presses are a known point of failure. So retrofit these lines with the next higher rated lines and couplings and keep the lines short and not routed through the ceiling.

  4. Powdered aluminum + potassium perchlorate= boom.

    1. Powdered aluminum plus air in the right ratio is boom too. Ask Rolls Royce aviation.

  5. Seems like this building is in a location that is not correctly set for the high temp issues. Normally you would have a specific type of gas tanks to go off when the flames are indicated out of the proper area to cut Oxygen to kill flames and get people out.

  6. Post and comments were both pretty interesting. Besides how fast things went up what impressed me the most of course was how close Darwin came to claiming his natural prey.

    But besides this, I’m wondering where is the D-Day post? Just saying.

    1. Here's one:

      The time for celebrating was far in the future, a time over 4,400 military men from that day and thousands more after, would not live to see. No, today was for depending on your training, your buddies, and luck.

      The preparations for that day were extensive and self-congratulatory; nearly nothing of the intricate plan survived past the maps and executive summaries. The men were dumped against Fortress Europe in a mass frontal assault, swarming the long killing zone of French beach with their numbers their most effective weapon. During the first minutes of the attack the German defenders are reported to have had trouble focusing, the targets were so numerous.

      They did not turn back, they did not hesitate; they were on their own. The ramps rattled down, they stumbled, then ran. And fell.

      The surf, then the beach, became dyed with the blood of the men. Many were killed before their feet got wet, many succumbed to the timeless engulfment of the sea. Those making it on to Gallic sand could not assemble and organize for many minutes, making them food for hungry aimed artillery shells and unforgiving 8-millimeter bullets. The German defenses were untouched by the preparatory air assaults - that errant bombardment was inadvertently effective at disrupting communication and supply lines at the German rear but did not create the expected protective berms and craters on the beach. There was no place to hide and nowhere to go.

      Chaos, confusion, and terror combined to make the day, and the many days after, a living hell. And in those times once the hell was behind him, a man didn’t make much of it; stumble, run, and fail or succeed, then repeat. Years went by, the destruction of the war years gave way to a re-birth and renewed growth and a prosperity and time of promise unknown to generations before, largely carried on the backs of the men who came back, but more so on the bodies of the men they stepped over. One veteran of Normandy was asked about bravery. “We left our heroes on the beach”.

      Here are the units of US Army that made up the invasion force on June 6th, 1944:

      1st Infantry Division
      4th Infantry Division
      29th Infantry Division
      90th Infantry Division
      82nd Airborne Division
      101st Airborne Division
      2nd Ranger Battalion
      5th Ranger Battalion
      320th Barrage Balloon Battalion

      Without those men, on the first day and first minutes of disembarking into the English Channel and onto the shores of France, the construction of our world is unknown, but it would not be anything recognizable.

      For the survivors that made it through in one piece, there were some parades and some temporary celebrity, but life was mostly about taking those next steps. Next steps for them were family, accomplishment, achievement, and safety; for that they were silently but justifiable proud. They built our present-day world, their sacrifices made our days easier, our liberty a given, and our safety taken for granted.

      And what has been built on the advancements from our forefathers? We have become immersed in a toxic stew of self-congratulatory praise and self-absorbed prancing. Achievement and success are expected by simple attendance not by effort and the lessons failure bring. Pretend ailments and social contagion derail simple pleasures generations before ours enjoyed, a large portion of the population are served not by the work of their own hands but by the harvest their parents and grandparents produced. There are monthly celebrations of matters unimportant, of subjects fit for juvenile minds, and of topics best kept private.

      Where are the celebrations, the months of recognition, the banners, the downtown mural walls, the clapping jubilant crowds, the defiant stances of defense for the men who made our world possible? None of those men killed on June 6th, 1944, or their brothers-in-arms are here to make speeches or to demand attention - their lives of honor, duty, and sacrifice speak for themselves. The tragedy is how difficult it is to hear their lessons over the din of a debauched and soulless word we inhabit.

  7. I was in the lamination shop of a fiberglass boat manufacturing plant when a fans bearings seized up & started throwing flaming fan belt around. Went up almost as fast. Everyone hauled ass, fire doors slammed shut & the sprinklers came on & that was it, we were building boats again within a month. We don't use belt driven fans anymore.

  8. I was distracted by the cutting torch lit just at the time of the fluid escaping.
    What a very good lesson on safety and following procedure.

  9. So where the f&$k was the sprinkler system…

    1. Halon is supposed to suck out all air from the room to stop a fire, just not enough available.

  10. I want to know the make/model of the camera. Held up admirably.
    Steve S6

  11. Every time I watch that video it reminds of America.

  12. America is fine. Sounds like you have issues.

    1. America is not fine. We have an unelected bumblefuck in the White House who is actively destroying the country, the woke left destroying our culture and the media lying to our faces and uninformed normies just going along for the ride. And you think we're fine? Idiot!

  13. His issues are
    Being acutely aware of what is going on in America.

  14. Great web page header for the day. Thanks.

  15. Yikes. Gives you a solid appreciation for QQ-A-225.

  16. The guy went back to the control panel to get his lunch box before things really went south.


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