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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

♫♪♫ Oh No, Bud Light ♫♪♫




 sent in by reader CKMCC




  1. A cutey with a very nice voice. I wonder if she wrote those lyrics herself. I have to admit that I missed quite a bit of the graphics because I was watching her. Too bad about the tats.

    In other Mud Light news, Modelo has taken over the top spot from the floundering former king of beers in the blue bottle, sales wise according to some industry trade group that monitors sales volume by brand.

    Modelo is, of course, a Mexican beer company who owns all of the familiar brands coming across the southern border. So much for "buy American". I guess American owned beer companies are too scared of the queer mob to capitalize on Mud Light's mistake. Bunch of cowards.

    Apparently most people also DON'T know that Modelo "has exclusive rights in Mexico for the import and distribution of beer produced by Anheuser-Busch", according to Wikipedia.


    P.S. Check out "Hamilton Jefferson's" avatar gif in the "Friends of the Feral Irishman" section in the right hand panel. Just happened to notice it as I was getting ready to post this, as that section is adjacent to the comment box. The motion is what got my attention. Be sure to embiggen the avatar to get the full effect. ;-)) Well done sir!

  2. She'll probably get a record deal from someone.
    Very unique voice. And cute.

  3. Didn’t notice the tats,they are a major turn off for me... was watching the graphics....and her knockers....maybe invite her to femme fatale? Anyway well done, and a pox on mexican beer. As far as AB, I just feel sorry for the dog and the horses, having to represent a bunch of pedo loving jackwads.


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