Friday, June 9, 2023

I Can't Keep Up With The Seasons Anymore...


Murder Hornet Season

Monkeypox Season

Spy Balloon Season

UFO Season

Train Derailment Season 

Canada Wildfire Season , just starting and now adding in huge pallet fire season....

This seems to be the address from the news reports<<<


  1. Come on man , you know that the four seasons are False Flag season, Propaganda Season, White Supremacy season and Mostly Peaceful Protest season.

  2. Are you not entertained?
    The Japanese call it Kabuki Theater. Distraction from the real news - millions in bribes, trannies and drag queens, brown invasion coming over what used to be a border.
    You thought it was all random coincidences?

  3. Ah…so it’ll be fire as this summers destabilizing weapon. Saw some patterns last yr out west. Now the Canadian ones. I’m not saying this event is related, just got me to speculating. Now they have an excuse to wear a mask again in the north east. Interesting times

  4. Getting desperate if they have to resort to pallet fires.


  5. Raws was really good at first but became slow and lame

  6. We had a mulch fire in Mesa, a brush fire outby SR87 and then this. We almost looked like NYC for a minute.

    1. A few miles south of where we used to live was what was called the largest pile of tires in the country. Like coal seam fires, tire pile fires almost never go out if the pile is big enough.

  7. Hmmmmmm
    I wonder if this has anything to do with the illegals of military age entering out country from unknown (chinese and muslim) origins that may or may not have ill-will towards us (USA).
    It certainly can't be test runs to see hoe we react to things so they can exploit our weaknesses...
    Nah, couldn't be.
    Don't mind any of that: it's pride month!

  8. ...and of course Turdeau and some US.gov agency, I think it was the CDC, maybe not, just HAD TO jump on the glowbull warming agenda to plug glowbull warming and BUY EV's. All those fires in Canada just COULDN'T have been started by the massive wave of thunderstorms that rolled through there in the last week and half or so because the forests up there are dry due to the lack of FEET of snow this past winter; also caused by glowbull warming. Nor could they have been started by some climate weenie bent on arson to advance the glowbull warming agenda. Nope. Neither of those just can't happen.


  9. We live about 3 miles from here.
    We drove by on our way home about 5 minutes after it started and before the fire crews arrived.
    It was good sized, but nothing too spectacular.
    There are probably a half-dozen pallet yards within 5 miles of this one. Seems one goes up every year or so. Meh.
    Listening to the "talking heads" on the television news channel was painful.
    To listen to them, you'd think that this was the apacolypse and "we're all gonna DIE!!".
    One dumb studio bint even asked the mobile reporter "...what are these pallets and what are they used for?"
    Even HE was gobsmacked by the sheer stupidity.

    More popcorn, please.

    1. I used to get wood pallets at work to take up to the cabin to burn for winter heat. Usually would take half 'n half soft wood and hard wood-usually oak. The hard wood burned a lot hotter and longer whereas the soft wood was a lot easier to cut up and use for quick starting on cold mornings.

      Several years back a couple of homeless dorks torched a large pile of old railroad ties-from a distance we were guessing it was a paint store, a tire store, a tank truck full of used motor oil or something like that because of the thick, black smoke. Wouldn't have been surprised if EPA were to fine the railroad for not having a chain link fence with guards and cameras surrounding their used ties.

  10. It's currently, 'Lets destroy everything we built here in the last three hundred years and turn it all into a woke dystopian 3rd world shithole' season here in the land of the Once Free.

  11. That made me think of this:

  12. Meanwhile there's an underground coal fire in Centralia, Pennsylvania that's been burning since May of 1962.


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