Friday, June 9, 2023

♫♪♫ For The VH Fans... 1976 Demo Tapes ♫♪♫


In 1976, ........

Eddie was 21

David was 22

Alex was 23

Michael was 22


  1. I learned some amazing things about Eugene Simmons on Mike Rowe story behind the story yesterday that guy is truly amazing

  2. When Gene couldn't get Casablanca to sign Van Halen (they made a great decision to sign a band called 'Piper' instead) he totally released them from any agreement he had with them so they could move on while KISS went on tour - the release of VH-1 was largely the result of these demos

  3. Lost all respect for Simmons for pushing the vax and shaming people who refused it.
    Celebs need to shut up and act/play.

    1. Was EVH's guitar tech for two tours, one with Sammy and one with DLR. EVH was a very troubled man but certainly an iconic player. Could write books about it I tell ya, have no interest though.

      Turned down a couple offers to tech for KISS for a reason. Agree with you, need to STFU and drop the agendas.

  4. 3000 Miles From ElvisJune 9, 2023 at 7:27 PM

    Kiss broke many bands with opening tour slots and free word of mouth PR.
    Bro keeps the old ticket stubs book and some of the lineups are amazing with price of 5$.
    I remember as a lil' shaver dropping siblings off and people in the crowd painted up as a favorite member waiting outside for the arena to open and bum rush the good floor seats.


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