Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Video Needs To Be Seen And The Gofundme Needs to be Shared...


 Phil has most of the details HERE<< 


Go watch the video.


Here is the gofundme:  <<< 







  1. How about you teach your kid to fight back and NOT take anybody bullying him. I taught this to all my 5 kids (4 boys and 1 girl)


    1. I always told my daughter no one ever hits her, and if someone hit her, she had my blessing to hit back. One day at work, I received a call from the school. Reportedly, she had knocked some boy on his a** (everyone on the first grade) and she told the teachers she was allowed to do this. I explained what I had told her and she would never be in trouble for it.
      Turns out the boy hit her while in the hallway between classes, then she walked away. Some time later, while he was walking past her, she punched him in the forehead and almost knocked him out.
      So proud of my little girl.
      They married last year.

  2. Well Ok, but I have to say it would've been darned nice if I could have done a GoFundMe every time something bad happened to me as a kid.

  3. And that's in Utah. It is worse elsewhere. And they wonder why there are "shy" Trump voters.

  4. We had bullies in school too . They usually encountered a 2x4 and decided to mend their ways .

  5. The girl doing the spitting needs to be charged with assault. Period.

  6. My comment: "I think the idea of a gofundme site is a mistake. That young man handled the situation well, I think. He doesn’t need money. He needs neighbors to thank him for being a gentleman. I don’t think the language was called for but that’s the only soft spot in his case."

  7. Use the $$$ to hire a lawyer to insure the School suspends the students and they are charged with Assault, theft of/or damages to private property and etc. Plus add in requiring the offending students and their parents to attend 6 months of mental health/anger mgt. counseling also.


  8. Well all I can say is that if I were the kid with the MAGA hat I would wait for an opportunity,off cam, and beat the ever loving shit out of that little bitch. Do it later. Week or months later.Be patient. Wait. When people forget. Then unleash the response that she truly deserves. Break what ever you need to break. Leave her a life long remembrance.

  9. If your kids hate America, thank a teacher.

  10. You should have seen the reactions to my "save America, vote republican" bumper sticker. In California. Didn't even mention Trump.

    Personally I would have dropped that bitch if she spat on me.

  11. And as always the violence and foul language comes from libs and dems. And as always the conservative / republican is polite and speaks intelligently.


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