Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Liberal Dogma Is Strong With This One

 Here we see "Commie" Chris Wallace asking the President  during the recent  Trump/Biden debate the same question in regards to "white supremacy", etc. that Chris asked Trump in 2016. For those who do not know, Chris is a registered democrat and he has an agenda.


  1. Sure looks "fair", doesn't it?
    Yeah, the Debate Commission is FULL of Demoturds. Maybe a few RINOs as well...

  2. The old term for such people was "rat Commie bastard", which was an accurate description.

  3. He has an agenda===He is an asshole.

    It isn't even really political, he's just an asshole, we all know them.

  4. Chrissy prissy wa lace. He, Brett Baier and Martha MacCallum have turned fox way left of center this year. Trump is so unenarmored of those folks, he did first live interview with Dr Siegal on Tucker Carlson's show. Gotta love Baier's election maps showing Biden in the lead in almost all states. What he doesn't tell viewers is the polling sample is overweight Demonrats in all states. Won't they be surprised when President Trump beats Biden like a drum, just as he did Hitlery in 2016.



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