Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thanks To The Internet and Technology, The Denver Shooting Is Being Put Under A Microscope...


 via. Redstate:


Paid agitators, missing film frames, connecting the dots...Irish


Let’s just call this the “Curious Case of the News Photographer Who Becomes Part of the Story she captured on film” — ignore the fact no one uses film anymore.

Prominent in and around the scene of Saturday’s “Patriot Muster” Rally in Denver and the BLM/Antifa counter-protest was a female “photojournalist” wearing a dayglow orange vest with “PRESS” in big black letters.  Her name is Helen Richardson, and she works for the Denver Post.  She was approximately 5 feet from Matthew Dolloff — just to his left — capturing a series of photographs with her camera on “burst” when Dolloff and Lee Keltner engaged in a brief physical confrontation which ended after three seconds with Dolloff drawing a handgun and killing Keltner. 

Lot's more here and lots of twitter links from those combing through all the data <<< 


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  1. The Rittenhouse shooting was examined with a microscope, and a really good analysis happened about a week afterwards. This one is pretty cut and dried, 9news is going to get the batsnot sued out of it - there's enough video evidence and enough eyewitnesses to make that happen. Stay tuned.

    Rittenhouse analysis

  2. I would love to own a sidearm like the shithead that shot the hat-maker, but I'm not going to shell out more than a precision rifle would cost...


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