Thursday, October 15, 2020

Incredible Story of Survival...



 .. for this woman.


 Via the story at the link below:

 Some stories are so incredible that they become more like legends. So is the case with a girl who survived a violent plane accident which landed her alone in the Amazon jungle. Juliane Koepcke not only made it through the rainforest while injured, but a far more curious mystery surrounds her life – how did she survive the crash at all? – as she was the sole survivor among 91 other people on the plane. 


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  1. Her "landing", along with her pretty unique training, caused her to survive, where others would've died due to exposure, critter attacks, etc.
    Sometimes God chooses you to survive where others curl up and die!

  2. remote living skills and a shit load of luck.


  3. Great story. I'd never heard of it.
    What Nemo said!


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