Saturday, October 17, 2020

Header Image Info... S-Nooooooo!!! Not Yet.


 I have relatives that live in the area of Franconia NH.  So far today they have 4 inches and counting and the power went out.


Snow was not in the forecast.




Also, I have added some other genres to the SCM player if you like, Toggle the bar and music note to access the playlist:


  1. Very nice! Thanks fer the tunes, Irish!

  2. Ah, that wonderful four-letter word.
    Gettin' the snowblower tued up and ready, next week I htrow the tarps over the Motorhome.

    And then we go vote. Got food, fuel, ammo, and water?

  3. Used to have a house in Franconia. Nice area, nice people.

  4. I've less than an inch on the ground here in North Pole, Alaska, but it will still be there come April, plus whatever else falls the rest of the winter.

  5. after 40 years of Northern Tier Winters, I finally had a rush of brains to the head and escaped the People's Republic of Vermont and moved to South Carolina!


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