Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Clock Winds Down....




 WE can only hope that meme is what happens.

   Joe Biden is failing daily. 




 The media is spinning so fast, hopefully they self destruct with some "help".

The clips of Biden that are making the rounds are not only gafftastic but cringeworthy. 

Trump draws thousands in his crowds, Biden draws in the tens.

You can't tell me that the power brokers behind the scenes are sitting back in their chairs thinking this is the candidate to win.

What is the next rabbit they are going to try and pull out of their hat ass?

Will they resort to notching it up?

 The tinder is smoking and it's only a moment away from spontaneous combustion.

We know what they are capable of to stay in power.






  1. They have screwed themselves so badly, I don't see a solution.

    Gropin' Joe is failing physically as well as mentally. He is looking so sclerotic, he may not make it to November.

    And they obviously think Chlamydia is an even worse candidate, so what do they do? Who have they got, the Hildabeast, Mike?

  2. Well, I have thought they were going to pull the hildebeast out of their ass (literally) at the last minute but it does seem to be getting late in the game. Maybe harris with the beast brought in afterwards as vp then harris resigns with a nice parting gift.

  3. Ballots are printed and sent out in many states. Votes have been cast already. There is no going back, there is no candidate switching, the is Joe...and the Democrats have no hope. All is lost for them.
    What you see is their transparent schemes to keep alive a dead fish out of water.
    See what they do, watch their lies and look at what they DON'T report on.
    The sleeper has awakened and we are watching.
    The Olbermanns of the world, spewing their hateful Nazi propaganda have spoken for the Democrats.
    We defeated that ideology once and will do it again.
    Soon, they won't be able to walk down the street...keep it up, what happened in Denver will galvanize our resolve.

  4. I think the Democrats knew that nobody they fielded would be able to beat Trump. So, rather than put up a solid candidate, they held them back for the next election, and put up the 2 losers they have now. Harris is so disliked that she couldn't even win the primary in her home state of California. And, people have always known Joe was a buffoon, and now that he has dementia, it is even worse.
    The democrats know the only ones voting for their candidates in this election are those who would vote for anything with a (D) next to the name, no matter what.

    1. Yep, that's been my assessment ever since the primary's started. One of the things I was watching was vote totals for each party. In a lot of cases, Trump was getting more votes than the combined total for all of the Demonrats. 'Course the MSM wouldn't report on that 'cause it doesn't fit the agenda.


  5. While everyone watches the Presidential election as most shallow water americans do, the Dems in order to hold on to their power and to corrupt all else, have been busy ballot harvesting both the Congressional and Senate races. The contested election will be there.


  6. A free press would have disqualified Demented Joe in the Primaries.
    They shit the bed so let them wallow.

  7. Well, now the Chinese-controlled CDC sez that lockdowns are a bad idea! I guess the Libtards are going, "Uh oh, we need to bring these lockdowns to an abrupt halt, right-the-*bleep*-NOW!!"
    So, expect things to open up. Soon.

    Ain't gonna do any good this close to the election, and I bet *my* Gubernator, Jay Inbred, will still hang on to lockdown as long as the insufferable bastard can make it happen! I sure hope the West (Left) side of the state voters get a clue!

    1. I love how innslicker put all the state employees on furloughs but took his nice fat raise because it "couldn't be helped". What a toolshed. I wish Culp had a chance in hell. 2 counties of fartknockers tell the rest of Wa what to do...

  8. They are not stupid, but they are evil.

  9. Don't get comfortable - make sure to vote. If Biden somehow pulls it off, our way of life is doomed.

  10. i hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but maybe you are looking in the wrong places for voter enthusiasm for Biden. Yea, his rallies draw tens of people. But the BLM rallies draw numbers that match or surpass Trump’s. The enthusiasm on the Left isn’t for Biden. It’s a vote against Trump, against the police, and against trad America. Don’t fool yourself into thinking this is 2016. The left is motivated and financed.


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