Thursday, October 15, 2020

♫♫ Afternoon Driving Tune ♫♫










  1. An underappreciated group, in my opinion. I think they were just as good, if not better, than the Allman Brothers. Not knocking the Allman Brothers, of course, who were a super group. And of course, both were better than any of the crap being put out today.


    1. Agreed, Pigpen, they were always excellent!

  2. I saw them back in the early `80's at Riverside Speedway in Agawam, MA. I remember going with a girlfriend, just can't remember if it was the previous one or my wife. I do remember it being a great show.

  3. Still one of my favorite bands, hands down. The Caldwell brothers made that band.

  4. I studied with their drummer, Paul Riddle for a time. Toy and Frank dropped by the studio once and man they were all so down to earth and just regular guys. Frank teased my girlfriend about doing her homework in the hallway....really cool guys.

  5. Marshall Tucker Band's "Last of the Singing Cowboys" was a favorite of mine. Saw them in an outdoor venue with The Outlaws & the Charlie Daniels Band.

    New Grass Revival's "Steam Powered Airplane" is one of the prettiest songs I ever heard.
    "Sittin' in a 747 just watchin' them clouds roll by;
    Cain't tell if it's sunshine 'r if it's rain.
    Rather be sittin' in a deck chair high up over Kansas City,
    in a genuine, old fashion, authentic steam-powered airplane."


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