Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Like every stellar suspence thriller, it starts with mysterious deaths...


 This twitter thread caught my eye over at SMALLDEADANIMALS.



The Seeker says - "To solve this puzzle, we must go back to April 2012, in Mojiang county, where six miners contracted a SARS-like pneumonia, and three of them died."


This is quite an interesting, documented, timeline that leads us to today.


A thread on the origins of COVID-19, and a possible bio-containment failure at one of the Wuhan labs. 

If you dig through some of the links in the comments of that thread  

you come across this article from 2014<<  

which references this CDC article also from 2014<<  




  1. Combine all this with the "gain of function" "chimeric virus" study done at UNC Chapel Hill in 2014-2015, funded by Fauci's NIAIH group. Starring the bat lady herself. Paper online at Nature dot com.

    This all fits together with whistleblower Dr. Li Meng Yan's two expose papers, and that Shi Zheng Li has been disappeared. Yan pretty much proves that Li's RatG13 virus was fraudulent, and that the backbone strains have been kept in secret by the Chicom military. Were they discovered in this bat cave? Who knows, but I'm certain they've been tweaked since. Was this virus released on purpose, or did it get out in that October accident at the Wuhan Level 4 lab ( the level 3 lab by the wet market has been disappeared too ). Sadly, accident or not, early stage bioweapon or not, the world has to deal with it now.

    Stay healthy, take your vitamins D, C, B complex, zinc, magnesium, and cuercetin. And eat your daily Brazil nut for the selenium.

  2. A test run, perhaps?

  3. We know (or, at least those of us paying attention know) the following:
    1) It is a well known fact that the Wuhan lab was a Bioweapon Research facility
    2) Their containment/contamination procedures sucked, and still do. This was pointed out almost a decade ago
    3) a CRISPER teardown of the virus showed a binding site that doesn't occur in nature AND a SARS gene was spliced in there.
    4) the supposed bat gene is from a species that has a habitat that is over 600 miles from Wuhan.
    5) The CCP doesn't give a rat's ass about their people!!

    USAMRIID knew all this at the end of January. They were being queried by POTUS, and gave him the above data. Trump did all he could within his enumerated powers to prevent further spread, especially since we really, REALLY didn't know how bad the effects were going to be on the general population of the US.

    No surprises. Not really. We keep a watch on China, Russia, Iran, NorKo, etc. as best as we can.

  4. The USA is a Population of about 342,000,000 people.
    On Oct. 12th. The CDC reported at 0845hrs the USA had 53,363 New Cases of the Covid-19 and 577 deaths.

    So that means:
    99.98439678362573% the population was not infected by the Covid-19 that day.
    and 99.9998312865497% the population did not die from the Covid-19 that day.

    Viewed in the Bigger Picture.
    To have died from the Covid-19 Virus to be included in those CDC figures, you would have be 1 of the 577 out of 53,363 infected out of the 341,946,637 NOT INFECTED. Plus had a serious underlying medical issue and/or advanced age.

  5. ...and not forgetting that there's a lot of false positive results and that testing positive doesn't automatically mean you're infected or can infect others.
    I'd say we'll see the big picture very early next year.


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