Thursday, October 15, 2020

I've Been Checking Every Morning For Other Hungry Strays To Rescue....



but my hopes have been left empty.




 Maybe when it gets colder out and they need shelter.




  1. Strays are easier to find when it's cold. They stand out more prominently...

  2. Careful with taking in strays. You feed them, they have a hard time leaving. Re-homing them too close to home can be difficult, as they seem to keep coming back.

  3. Do you have a front porch or 'mudroom'?

    It's best to check them for fleas or other parasites before you introduce them to the rest of your pets.

    You'd be surprised at what some of those loveable little critters can pick up.

  4. Keanu takes a couple of strays in.

    It does not end well.

  5. for the kind of strays in the pic, chocolate and wine over a pit trap ;^)) - Nemo

  6. There is a word for that ... Hobosexuals - Person who jumps into relationships to have a place to live.


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