Saturday, January 28, 2023

Yes or No





 Let's see if this can be an educational discourse in the comments.  Show your research either way.

We are not NPCs when it comes to what is going on. 

With everything we have seen and the direction things are headed is this the right choice?

Is he a distraction?

He did surround himself with swamp creatures.

He pushed for the vaccine. I will never forget Fauci's smirk at the press conference.

Is Desantis a better candidate?

Who, if neither of them?

It seems the RNC is comfortable being the same old lame shit bags.

Comments are moderated.

 It would be nice to see how you all feel about this.

I have seen many supporters and many detractors lately.

Is is all one big psyop?

Have at it....

I will try an moderate comments in a timely manner so you can have discussions.





  1. It could work, but the normal way of doing business in the capitol would have to be accented with a brutal offense against all causing the problems. After a few prosecutions, maybe a few executions, and the reintroduction of fear for betraying the United States, improvements would follow.

    1. You underestimate how far the republic has fallen....

    2. Bingo.

      Trump or DeSantis? Pointless until fraud is fixed in:


    3. @Anonymous January 29, 2023 at 6:47 AM

      "You underestimate how far the republic has fallen"

      The people that stood on the platform, and told the new arrivals to "Write your names on your luggage. It will be sent on a different train. So you can safely reclaim it.", did not underestimate those people's fate. The objective of those speakers was to prey on the stupid. To get them to line up. To lash out at their neighbors who questioned the lining up. To beat down their own children that acted against the lining up. To move the line, into the box cars, efficiently.

    4. So what about Sunday drills in the local park. No weapons, just close order matching/drilling. This is allowed and will send a silent message to DC.

    5. @SgtPete January 29, 2023 at 10:59 AM

      "This is allowed and will send a silent message to DC."

      The message of silent acquiescence has been sent, repeated, and acknowledged.

    6. “Trump or DeSantis? Pointless until fraud is fixed in:
      It’s not the states so much as it is crooked COUNTIES. 1 county in GA, AZ, WI, MI, NV, and 2 in PA swings the whole state.
      Until the counties are cleaned up, and *that* won’t happen with Soros Sec of State pics running elections, the steal will continue.
      All the names in consideration can not stop the Ds & Rs from feeding from both sides of the same trough.
      I believe that’s called the “Raiding the Treasury” stage of our Republic’s demise.

    7. Neither. They are both politicians and most of us know what they are like.

      Mikey at 10:07 pm below is correct. This cannot be fixed. It's like the axiom, if an organization has even a little progressiveness eventually the progressives take over.

      Time to destroy and rebuild taking the good original parts and putting in stops to the growth of government. Like no cabinets and only the original amendments.

    8. Gonna piss some people off here but oh well. Finished my 60th spin around the old blue marble today.

      It dawned on me awhile back seeing one of those memes comparing a bidet rally to a trump rally.

      Think about this. After reading many of the comments here today all those rally attendees and many of you are doing the same thing. Hoping the government (trump/desantis or bidet) will save us.

      Do you really believe that or is no one coming to save you.

    9. Happy B-day, Chris! Got to that milepost a month after the Mrs., 8 months before me. (She always liked younger men.)

      Sounds like Trump has not learned his lesson. The only general he had worth a damn he tossed under the bus because of Pence. (Shows you where Pence belongs, too. Worthless as Pappy Bush.) And he never figured out which side Jared (or pretty much anyone else) was on. He's still completely tone-deaf to those who put him in office.

      DeSantis, maybe, if it did not cost a state. Depends on who would end up replacing him. If the GOP is selling out, I'd rather have a sure refuge in Florida than a sure loss across the whole country, because sure as Schiff, the GOP will sell him out, too. Noem may have learned her lesson, but I'd rather not bet my life on it. And a backup plan if they decide to Dallas DeSantis is always a good idea.

      Pompeo, Haley, Pence, heck, anyone else I've seen floated are worthless as Romneys on a boar.

    10. Trump is too old and he tweets like an adolescent.
      DeSantis is doing a great job in Florida. Trump is mischaracterizing DeSantis response to the COVID lockdowns and ignoring his successes.
      I believe DeSantis can unify the Republicans something Trump is unable to do.

  2. Trump stepped into the political ring untested and unaware of how deep the sh1tstorm that is US politics is. I believe after all the bashing he took for 4 years and the 2 years following have given him a better perspective of what he needs to do and the team he needs around him to do it right. I THINK HE WILL MAKE A GREATER PRESIDENT THE 2ND TIME AROUND.

    1. You hit it on the head. I do worry about his age. Desantis would not piss me off.

    2. He is a fraud.
      Live the man, better than any Dem, but he is not our saviour, he is controlled opposition.

    3. Trump is a life long democrat. Then he changes to a republican?
      And yall believe that? Time to open your eyes.

    4. @Anonymous January 29, 2023 at 6:48 AM

      "he is controlled opposition"

      Is "controlled opposition" a thing? I mean a really fer realz thing? Like a brick? Or a potato?
      Or is it something to call useful idiots? So they're proud of being idiots? (IFM -- Idiot Feelz Matter)

    5. HEAR!! HEAR!!... As the GOPe continue to hate on the little people, and cater to their large donors, us little people will stay home. https://twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/1619086667264184320

    6. Reagan was a life long democrat. Then he changed to a Republican. How do you deal with that?

  3. I think Desantis is controlled opposition… I like trump but think he gets the wind in 24’ just so they can collapse the whole thing on his watch…economy..war…etc
    The war part scares me the most…he is going to come in with mindset that everything is like 2016….2024 is going to be whole other world he walks into and most importantly Russia will be a totally different country and problems will start when he walks in thinking it’s the Russia of 2016…
    Old greek politician used to say” people think we are like bus drivers, that we hop on the wheel and can turn the bus around anywhere we want to, it’s not a bus, it’s a train, on tracks, and no matter who is on driver seat, it’s going to go where ever the builders have planned it to go….either way I think we are screwed royally

    1. "From every adversity comes with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit" per Napoleon Hill. I agreethat trains can't turn around but they do run our of fuel or derail. Entropy abounds, detailed plans fail and hunger will change all.

    2. Trains can be put in reverse.
      They can back up.
      If Trump can admit his mistakes, he might have some redeeming qualities.
      I say amend the Constitution, Putin 2024.

  4. I think at heart Trump is still a NYC Democrat; this really shows in his ego and rash decisions. While he did do a lot of good things he was naive about the depth and inherent evil in the dc swamp and left traitors and backstabbers in place when he should have canned them all. Even Pence is a swamp creature; there just weren’t enough honest patriots to go around there. Seeing as the media is still after him, I think it would be foolish for him to run again. So it will be Desantis, for better or worse.


    1. While Trump is an acceptable choice, he is, as you point out, a Democrat. One with the best interests of the country at heart perhaps, but not a conservative.
      DeSantis is IMO, a better choice, and won't be AS polarizing. We got Trump only because the others in the GOP primary were either legacy candidates or milksops (or closet faggots). Trump was the least bad. Then in the general election Trump was the least disliked of the two real choices. He did some good, and was much better than the other choices, but he wasn't a candidate I could really get behind. DeSantis MIGHT be that candidate.

    2. @B January 28, 2023 at 9:04 PM

      "We got Trump only because"...

      Hillary is THAT bad. The Republican loyal "opposition" stood up the third string. After Hillary bought one side of "The Big Game".

    3. "DiSantis won't be AS polarizing." Actually I think they hate him just as much as they hate Trump. It only doesn't seem so because he hasn't gotten 'there' yet. If he got the nomination, the hate and anger would become focused.

  5. Trump has to tell me why vaccine is good, he also needs to answer for his terrible employee selections, and dump his son in law.

    Heavy D need to explain why he is chummy with the worst RINOs.

  6. The PTB will not let Trump back in. American politics lost to much money when Trump was president so they stole the election and look how much money they have stolen all in the name of Ukraine and bidens inflation reduction act. Yes the politcians are back to fleecing the american public the uniparty is riding high once again

    1. @B.S in V.C. January 28, 2023 at 7:14 PM

      If the grift had, even, paused under Trump, there would be no "special operation" in Ukraine, now.

      Trump was the option the government "offered" to Hillary. Trump was the option the government accepted.

  7. NO!
    He needs to mea culpa about "his" vaccine. And his "..we'll take the guns first, then due process".

    I don't really give a fuck anymore anywho, so I won't be participating in the Uniparty participation trophy next time around.

    1. Same. Let them burn it down. They won't get my vote to do it.

  8. No one is better than Trump for America. People talk about his mannerisms or gruffness or whatever, but I would rather have him as president than any "nice guy" politician like DeSantis. I know he will have a tough time because BOTH parties don't want their swamp drained, but it is more likely he will make real changes than a Republican who is there to preserve the two party crap show we have running this country.

  9. First, kill all the lawyers.

    1. @Sarthurk January 28, 2023 at 7:26 PM

      "First, kill all the lawyers."

      How? When they are surrounded by holy, patriotic, bailiffs?

    2. Send lawyers, guns, and money, the shit has hit the fan...

  10. The MSM likes DeSantis, ergo the Deep State likes him. That's all I need to know about him.

    If you look at as much news as I do every day, you will see that Trump, to this day, is STILL living rent free in their heads.
    EVERY DAY, there are multiple opinion pieces attacking him and predicting either his imminent arrest or his lack of impact anymore.
    They are deathly afraid of this guy.
    As has been said many times by many people, Trump is not a perfect guy.
    I agree .
    Who is?
    He is arrogant, he tells the same stories over and over again and his ego is off the charts.
    He also knows exactly how to deal with the heads of state from other countries, knows exactly what needs to happen to get the economy roaring and genuinely loves this country.
    That is very obvious.
    Given the lack of choices we have, the absolute certainty that several elections have been stolen from us in broad daylight at high noon right on main street, I am thinking Trump may have finally lost his cherry when it comes to playing real hardball politics with these assholes and that that he would be chomping at the bit to do everything in his power to start dismantling these fuckers a bite at a time every waking moment he has.
    TINVOWOOT or not, I am voting for the old bastard for the sheer entertainment value of watching him fuck their shit up if they make the mistake of letting him win again.

    1. @PhilJanuary 28, 2023 at 7:30 PM

      "They are deathly afraid of this guy."

      No body, is afraid of an eighty year old, fake money illionaire. That's why he was "there".

      (Unless by "afraid" you mean like the FAA was afraid Kim Kardashian's ass shots might break The Internet.)

    2. "The MSM likes DeSantis "

      Spot on. They did the same thing with Bush #43, build the man up to whack him down, a set-up. But I think the man has bigger gonads and brainz than 43, though, and it will backfire on them. I would sooner Trump, though, although my concern is he would be more concerned with vengeance than governance. Which might not be all bad, considering the opposition.....


  11. The fix is in and Trump will not be able to overcome the cheat. Also with the quislings running the House and Senate he won't get any thing accomplished and the only Cabinet level people will never be approved by the Senate. DeSantis won't have the level of hatred starting just the usual Republican hate.

  12. At best I would like to see Trump as a king maker not the king. At worse I would like to see him and Desantis on the same ticket.

    1. Kingmaker (figuratively) Yes. President, No. The man behind the curtain is the one with all the power.

  13. Donald Trump did more to open the eyes of the worlds peoples on just how corrupt ALL earths governments truly are. The politicians are all bought and paid for by the criminal cartel cockroaches who pull the strings. I believe Trump went into office trusting the people who advised him on cabinet picks only to find out the depth of the organized resistance opposed to an outsider wading around in their swamp. When you see the pace that the world is currently being destroyed you know Trump put the fear of God into the tyrants bent on domination of all the people. Destroy the fabric of society and a majority will beg the very governments responsible for the destruction to save them at a cost of freedom and sovereignty not to mention financial well being. In my opinion Trump made a massive blunder regarding covid but I also believe the virus was purposely released for the very reason of preventing a Trump victory in 2020. Given another shot at the Whitehouse he would have to immediately shut down the government for a time to clear out the disease infecting the entire nation. This American wishes him God speed.

    1. I agree with much of what you say about Trump. I also believe the Chinese released the virus on purpose to kill Trump's chances. Once unleashed, the media was able to crucify Trump no matter his response. It was over once the WHO started their worldwide games.

    2. While the virus was released from a Chinese lab, Faucci and friends financed it. The Chinese released it, but at the direction of Faucci and company.

  14. only if he admits he was duped about the vax, which ain't ever gonna happen. desantis is damaged goods if he runs b4 finishing out his term as govna. f l a won't trust him ever again. none of that matters, the fix is in already. kamala/ mooch- '24 victorious. or newsome/merkowski, i'm not in the dem loop.

  15. I love him, he’s the greatest president of my life and probably since Lincoln. In 2024 he’ll be too old. I’m not much younger so I think I know what I’m talking about. Add to the age issue all the noise and clutter that surrounds him and the democrats win. DeSantis fits the bill very well.

    1. @Anonymous January 28, 2023 at 7:47 PM

      "and probably since Lincoln"


    2. Lincoln single handedly created the Federal Government Behemoth.

    3. Thank you for a slice of truth!

    4. Lincoln pretty much trashed the constitution.

      At one point I took exception to someone saying Trump was better than Reagan. Half way through my response I realized the guy was right.

  16. Oh man... I voted for Trump - but I didn't realize how dumb he was. He surrounded himself with "the Best" deep state flunkies that the Intel community could supply.

    His entire time was just one big goat rope of He'd say something, then the Congress would work against...rinse, repeat.

    His accomplishments? Some border. Cost of living decreases. Industry/job increases. Keep adding to this list.
    His failures? Keeping the snakes in the house with him. Investigated every 30 seconds. Seriously, he kept the worst people on staff, who worked at every turn to keep his agenda failing.

    And yes, he trusted Fraud-chi...

    Whoever is Prez next - are they gonna get the endorsement of Ronna Daniels Romney? or whatever that chicks name is? Is Beech McConnell gonna keep obstructing, and protecting his Chi-Com interests?

    Of course, why am I worried about 2024, it's not like we're gonna survive the nuclear war those idiots in Congress, the White House, and the Pentagon are trying to start to appease their Military Industrial Complex funders...

  17. If they had any real interest in changing anything an obvious solution is for Trump “not to run” and appear supportive of DeSantis. Then DeSantis picks Trump as VP while openly saying “meet the new attack doggy”. This gives him an insurance policy, draws the base vote, and takes the media stain they’ve placed on Trump off the table, and of course would cause them to shit their pants. This will obviously never happen and I’m inclined to sit back and allow the inevitable reset occur without further intervention. It’s all mostly a lie run by grifters. The ideals of our founders were abandoned years ago.

  18. I am afraid that Desantis is the uniparty candidate the dinosaur media will embrace prior to the republican convention, ala' McCain and Romney, and then tear him down once he has the nomination. Desantis has done some good in Florida, but I would choose Trump, if for no other reason than he will shake things up again. However, the dems have perfected the art of stealing elections, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. I am pessimistic that anything short of civil war and secession will solve our problems.

  19. think he gets the wind in 24’ just so they can collapse the whole thing on his watch…economy..war…etc

    Daaayumm,, It's Not a good indicator when I can so Easily call that Purely Cynical aaand agree with it..
    He did screw up, bigly, putting swampers in positions to screw him and America,,
    Bill Barr!??!
    Warp Speed.. If he had not cut red tape, every covid death would have been his fault. But he needs to reverse course and warn people to avoid the Jabs now.
    I've been watching the games since they killed jfk. Seeing the run up to election, watching them tell us how different they are, and the trajectory of the country vary imperceptibly. I remember when democrats were antiwar. Trump spun the wheel to a different heading. It was good for all of us. Watching biden reverse course on things that benefited America and trying to get a Democrat to admit that what biden was doing made no sense, was detrimental to America, seems impossible

  20. Unfortunately, it would seem that there is no way to correct current conditions via the usual mechanisms. As horrible as this is, I believe it to be truth of the hardest kind. Since it has become clear that the middle ground no longer exists, and the chosen sides have entrenched themselves to the extent that useful (or genuine, or trustworthy) dialogue is impossible, I suggest that the choice before you is going to be far more difficult than is normally the case.
    In fact, I suspect that the choice will not be 'left vs right' but more between 'slowly' and 'faster than that'; since both parties, which are really one party, serve the same agenda, the only variable appears to be the speed of implementation of that agenda.
    Thus, we are now at the point where the figurehead is irrelevant. The future will be set regardless.
    Mike in Canada

    1. true that. we are all being played. they are all members of the same team, just home or away uniforms. until we the people start living the constitution nothing will get better. chuck.

    2. @Anonymous January 29, 2023 at 12:21 PM

      "until we the people start living the constitution nothing will get better"

      We ARE living The Constitution. THIS is what The Constitution creates. By. De. Sign.

      ("Show your work"?

      If The Constitution [of wherever] has been suborned, not only was it a failure of design, but supporting the survival of those that serve it's subornation, is treason.

      If it is, still, working to design, then it IS working to design.)

  21. I do not think it matters who we vote for. "They" count the votes and who they choose will win. It is a waste of time and energy to get into national politcs. Maybe still local depending where local is, but that is all.

  22. Voting is done anyway. Politics is just theater for the slaves.

  23. I will vote for either man. Trump is an ass, but was the best president in my life time. Desantis is young and a fighter and I have hopes for much from him. No one else has much of a chance on the republican side, and we have seen the best that the democrats have to offer--slime, filth, corruption, treason, and the destruction of all that I hold dear.

  24. ALL this is moot, if someone(s) doesn't come to grips and do something about the cheating... STAT. If you disagree, you just haven't been paying attention.

    1. @Anonymous January 28, 2023 at 8:17 PM

      "ALL this is moot, if someone(s) doesn't come to grips and do something about the cheating... STAT. If you disagree, you just haven't been paying attention."

      If you have been paying attention, and you agree that voting for what the regime offers you, will remove the regime, your grip is moot.

  25. I have a major problem with Trump’s vax position. I’m not impressed with his earlier appointments. With that being said he has my vote. He would not have us in Ukraine right now, and everyone in the deep state seems to hate him. That counts for something in my book.

  26. I'll still go with Trump. For the same reason I voted for him in 16 and again in 20.
    He is just a big middle finger to all them sons of bitches in dc.
    Bonus points for the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the woke.

    1. Totally agree. WE need spine on our side, and he has one.

  27. It doesnt matter because the steal is too much for anyone to win against.


  28. As a political party, the Repubs have lost me. There's only a couple of names I would vote for with an R behind their name, and Trump is the top on that list.
    The ball is in the Repub's court...let's see if they finally grow a spine and a pair of balls.

  29. Irish,
    I think Mike Pompeo is our best candidate. He is bright, articulate, head of his class at West Point

    1. Huh!

      If you want the fusion flashes to start soonest, Pompeo's your guy. Worst_Choice_Evah if you want to see your children live.

      Known Associate

  30. I am undecided about Trump being in office again, even though we all know he won the election, the cheating and fraud was rampant and in open view. What I do not like is that he did not stand up and do what needed to be done, namely to have certain people charged and prosecuted for decades of corruption, as he mentioned in the debate, most people here know who I am thinking of. Yes, that would have resulted in global unrest in political circles, because these people have global influence, but would that be any worse than what we have now? I think not. I will vote for him, if he actually puts his name on the ballot, but will not have much encouragement that the swamp will be drained, there are too many people that would have cause to remove him from the office because they do not want to lose their prestige.

  31. well, I think he did rather well when you think about all the shit they pulled on him. the one big thing was he was rich before going in. they couldn't buy him off. I think that is why all the bullshit tossed in his way.
    getting rid of general Flynn right off the bat was a big win for them assholes.
    NOW, he knows a lot more. as he has learned it the hard way. my guess is if he runs again, they try to take him out.
    granted it means we still have a country by 2024. something I not so sure about anymore.
    kind of odd that bidet thinks of himself as a new FDR. if you read history, you see that fucker did everything he could to get them to attack us. he wanted a war. after all it was the war that ended the great depression. not anything he otherwise. and now we have the same stupid shit happening again.
    the whole idea of playing god , the clowns in DC have is going to get a lot of people killed for what ?
    I guess we know why the clowns in congress put in the 2.5 million for THEIR home security. bunkers are as cheap as they used to be.
    as far as Desantis goes, we will see, I worried about the money he took from the assholes at the RNC.
    how much was it anyway, like 10 million or something ?

    1. @Anonymous January 28, 2023 at 8:27 PM

      "the one big thing was he was rich before going in. they couldn't buy him off."

      Do you ever hear...? Wait! Is there... even ONE!... voice in your head?

      Who needs to "buy off" someone you've BOUGHT off?

  32. Trump brought industry back but dropped the ball with not cleaning house and how COVID/the jab was handled. He did better than I thought he would, but he's a divisive lightening rod. He needs to be a king maker now instead of a king. I think DeSantis is actually more important as holding the last true conservative state conservative. We won't win the Federal level back until we can correct things like AZ, TX was too close, secure the West-Midwest and modern South and move up the chain from there. The old party Republican stalwarts need to be thrown to the wolves as they've proven their incompetence. For the next POTUS, ferreting out corruption (given that's a nigh impossibility), the border, economy, and keeping us out of war need to be the priorities with a holding/harrying action on all else while control is regained at the state level. I like Cruz but he's a better Senator than Executive and can do more where he is; doubtful he is electable on a national level right now anyway. May God save us all.

  33. Doesn’t matter to me if the Freedom Caucus actually puts up and yanks the chain hard on the bureaucrats

  34. After 2 consecutive rigged elections and Repubs did "NOTHING" to stop it and in the 2020 elections they actually helped stop the alleged red wave and ran Democrats as Repubs. WTF would anyone with a brain still keep talking about elections!!!!! Conservatives and their ilk will be talking about elections and voting as they are loaded onto the box cars!!!!! This is why they are winning and will continue to win. There is only 1 way to deal with commies and voting ain't it.......

  35. Wanna see the swamp freak? Gen Flynn for president.... that is all/

  36. Right Wing, Left Wing - - they belong to the same bird shoving that red, white, and blue barber pole up your ass. 24/7/365.

    Though I am riffing on George Carlin, my thoughts derive from working on Ron Paul's local campaign in 2008. TPTB ignored the caucus vote and turned it all over to McCain.

    Then you have Trumpy's pride in the whack-cine!? Fukkim.


    It's gonna be either multiple secessions or fire&blood. I root for neither just saying what I think is likely.

  37. Does it really matter if nothing is done to guarantee fair elections?

  38. No country has ever voted their way out of communism. Thus it won't matter who the candidate is. Only the communist-approved candidate will win.

    1. Could be time for nooses, pitchforks and muskets along the Potomac?

    2. Regrettably, yes. Except we won't be using muskets or pitchforks. (AR-15's and AR-10's perhaps?) Play chess, always. Withhold consent, do not comply, be ungovernable. Break the deep state by firm non-compliance. That's how the Soviet Union was finally broken.

  39. Sorry folks if John F Kennedy's assassination by the CIA didn't give you a clue, or the now 6 YEARS of Deep State efforts to PREVENT Trump from holding office didn't...

    Ever wonder what threats to his family that the media and Trump don't talk about?

    What's the point of discussion? Not trying to be rude, just annoyed we are so easily distracted by the Media (The Deep State's mouth).

    The President whoever he or she is must obey the Deep State (aka 3 letter agencies and federal law enforcement agencies) or be neutralized and or eliminated. Politicians are bribed or blackmailed (Epstein's Unreleased Pedo-snuff rape list) and if they step out of line they are eliminated. Ask Supreme Court Judge Scalia (pillow over the face and quick cremation) or Judge Roberts (frequent flyer Epstein Island visitor)

    All the DISPOSABLE Face People are for the Deep State to HIDE Behind. Biden the Meat Puppet is going to be used as a sacrificial goat as soon as needed to "Calm the Masses". The Politicians THINK they are IMPORTANT enough to be useful to their Deep State Masters but are disposable.

    There is NO Voting us out of this mess. As Joseph Stalin said, "It's VERY Important the People Vote, it's MORE Important WHO Counts the votes".

    The Deep State has a electronic surveillance system that Stalin or Hitler would have envied. AND with the World Economic Forum's efforts to establish a Chinese style "Social Credit" AND Electronic Currency (Outlawing Cash) they will soon stifle any "Anti-social activities".

    What's that Meme "My electric car will not run because of social media comments I made yesterday, my bank payment card is frozen, and my 50 square foot apartment has me locked out until I turn myself in for re-education."

    It's not a joke, it's the PLAN.

    SO PLEASE stop fussing about what Trump said (or didn't say as the Media sells us Bullshit daily) and figure out how to be sand in the gearbox of the Electronic Surveillance system.

    1. I remember the day Kennedy was murdered. Finding my mom sobbing in front of the black and white tv. Desantis has been the best Governor I have ever had. BUT, it does seem that he is liked by many of the wrong people. I judged Trump by his enemies. Personally I think it is too late to stop the express. The Saudis just dumped the petrodollar. By 2024 we might not even have an intact country.

  40. There is a very very short list of people in politics in our country that have any balls at all. Gov DeSantis is one but President Trump is in a class all his own. May God bless him with strength and the will to continue the fight in the coming years

  41. unaparty and izzy loves them some desanctimonious. so, OGE.

  42. Say what you will but he left with USA having energy independence, low unemployment, no involvement in world military crisis, low inflation, ……

  43. A made man. Came to the sit down. And the syndicate carried on.

    But, because it wasn't the capo the "reality" show audience expected, they're discu... making noises. About this shocking plot twist.

    You do you, patriots. Nobody else need do you, instead.

  44. I voted for Trump as a defense mechanism against nuclear war with Russia, which starting in 2014 with the replacement of the Ukrainian government via CIA, and Hitlery's promises to make Russia pay, was a good idea. It bought us 9 or ten years of no nuclear war. Trump failed though immediately, by not firing anyone not of his choosing. He failed again in the mid terms, and failed again in 2020 by ignoring the facts that from Day 1, the Uniparty was going to find a way to make him go away; making up the most ridiculous things, weaponizing his own government against him, providing constant distractions from actually governing. Three time loser, I will not vote for him again. DeSatan? Pure political animal who will do anything depending on which way the wind blows. Trump really screwed it though by putting forth Warp Speed, which is killing and crippling people globally.

  45. Donald Trump was likely going to be charged in the document probe until FJB screwed the Democrats plans up. Now thanks to him, and of course Mike Pence, the way is clearer for Trump to actually have a shot at winning the presidency once again.
    I could vote for him, but I would love for him to pick a solid VP candidate this time around. I think that while Mike Pence was the safe choice for him the last times, he is of course gone from the list. I like Nikki Haley for her courage and spunk, as well as her foreign policy experience. And she is a pretty solid conservative, something that is sorely needed as Trump's VP, and I think that she could help him as far as acting as an advisor that he actually might listen to.
    But as many have pointed out, Trump has some baggage to unload, including not only his personal affairs, his vaccine problem, etc, but also his dealings with congress, because the Republicans screwed him over his first term big time. I blame that on Paul Ryan, mostly, but still that needs to be addressed before he takes office by the Republican party, if he did get elected, which is unlikely, imho.

  46. I wouldn't vote for him during the primaries- because he's got too much baggage.
    BUT I would vote for almost (hear that Rona ROMNEY McDanialds) anyone with an (R) behind their name in the general.
    And Rona ROMNEY McDainld... I would never vote for your dad again or any other Establishment Republican.

  47. Trump...DeSantis...Whoever... Doesn't matter. The left proved beyond any doubt in 2022 that 2021 was NO accident.
    That they can determine the outcome of ANY election they want to win and there isn't a damn thing anyone will do to stop them. There will NEVER be another fair and honest election in this country as long as the current crop of criminals are in power. And they are NOT going to allow anyone to "vote" them out of power. TINVOWOOT

  48. Trump was not my guy in 2016, but he was the guy who won, and while not a conservative, he governed more conservatively than any president (including St. Ronald of Reagan!) has since Calvin Coolidge. He is the reason for the nullification of Chief Justice Roberts previous libtard votes (I think someone has pics of Roberts naked in bed with a live boy or a dead girl), and flipping him, which is why you now have regular 6-3 votes in conservatism's favor on key issues, like the 2A.
    SCOTUS ain't perfect, and never will be, but it's a helluva lot better - because of Trump's appointments - than it's been at any point in my entire life. That ain't nothing.

    More so is that he came within one or two District federal judge appointments of flipping the entire 9th Circus - the most liberal, and most overturned Circuit in the nation - from Libtard to conservative, in one term. The minute that happens, a lot of fucktard libtard cases die forever at that level, and the entire Western United States - nearly everything from the Rockies to Hawaii - flips back to being part of America again, on guns, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution as a whole actually being applied as read. That. Is. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.

    Pence proved the entire rest of the GOP is RINOs wearing elephant suits, and destined for extinction, as the Whigs of the 21st century.
    Trump wasn't anywhere close to perfect, and he got bamboozled a lot because he trusted people he should have kicked out the door so hard they landed in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House without hitting the pavement in between.
    But he pisses off the Democommunists, and their media toadies in the MSM, to the point of irrational frothing lunacy, unlike every other member of the GOP you could name, including DeSantis, and he habitually makes decisions that throws gasoline on their moonbattery 24/7/365, which alone makes him overqualified for the nomination in 2024, country miles ahead of any lesser pick.
    100:1 if he runs, he wins the nomination, which will send the Left into apoplexy.
    I'll take that in a New York minute.

    Whether TPTB ever let (or simply cannot prevent) him to slip past the gates again is an open question, but by definition, if they let anyone else from the pseudo-GOP in, you can bet it's because they're Uniparty controlled opposition.
    With him, that's not even an option. Point to Trump.

    He isn't going to save the world, and TINVOWOOT, but Trump can slow the crash, and cripple the enemies of liberty foreign and domestic, like no one else ever could or would. He's got a track record there. Yet again, that ain't nothing, and it's far more than anyone else could or would do.

    We elected him in 2016 as a weapon to smash TPTB, not as a savior. On that basis, knowing it's ultimately futile, I would rather see him as the nominee, and hopefully stuff their election stealing, and dismantle the current rigged system, which was not always so.

    Or else, make their second go around so blatantly obvious, we flip Normies by the metric f**k-ton, finally get down to the rat killing, and actually start stringing up the bastards responsible for decades of raping America at gunpoint.

    I'm open on the question, but I don't think anyone can make a case for a better candidate to do that, and I don't think you're going to get or find a better candidate in your lifetime.

    If he could pull off hat trick, by finding less of a douchnozzle than RINO Pence the next time around, it cold be leveraged into a 12 year presidency, rather than a last lame duck hurrah.

    If Trump's political genius pulls that off, 2024 could be EPIC.

    Either way, if Emperor Poopypants and his backroom handlers don't crash the whole machine before then, if we have even the slightest ghost of a chance for four more years to get ready for the coming meltdown, we'd be fools not to take the opportunity.

    Everyone gets their own opinion and vote on this, and YMMV, but that's where I'm putting my chips.

    1. Aesop man of mystery and ACTION. A busy man who between shifts working OT at the Emergency Room as a nurse, DEFENDS the Cali-Mexican boarder as described below in his own words.

      I wish I had the time and energy to work OT, run a busy blog, research everything in the world, Defend AMERICA (Owaaah, you GO Marine!) and still find time to woo lovers.

      Blogger Aesop said...
      Faced with cartel drug-running 4WD fence-busters sporting tires filled with Fix-a-Flat, and concrete-reinforced pipe bumpers, we opted to switch from .223 to .308.

      Faced with such a threat, we weren't trying to make holes in just the paint job, we wanted to be able to make holes in the drivers.

      It was worth the weight penalty.

      Whether we're talking sagebrush or sheetrock, adequate .30 caliber rounds have been turning "cover" into "concealment" for 120 years.


      January 26, 2023 at 3:15 PM

      And yet here your BOTH saying you cannot vote yourself out of this quote "He isn't going to save the world, and TINVOWOOT, but Trump can slow the crash, and cripple the enemies of liberty foreign and domestic, like no one else ever could or would. He's got a track record there. Yet again, that ain't nothing, and it's far more than anyone else could or would do."

      And telling us to VOTE for a Trump....

      Something doesn't ring true here.

      Please explain so this poor retired Army Medic can understand.

    2. @Aesop January 28, 2023 at 11:50 PM

      The Constitution of The United States is WHY Americans are here. As they live. Now.

      That is why those that use it, to keep Americans as they are now, use it. Want it. Now.

      That is why those that want those that use it, want those supported. To keep Americans as they are. Now.


    3. But, But, But Aesop and others want us to VOTE in a HERO to do the necessary deeds....

      It's "We the People", not vote for somebody else to "save us".

      Better figure out how to throw sand into surveillance state.

    4. Michael,
      Sorry this concept is difficult for you to grasp, as was Irish's request that you stick to the topic (which, it evidently escaped your rapier wit, isn't me) but if you spent less time trying to be confused, and worried about your own house, you wouldn't sound like an obsessive man-crush I neither want nor need.
      I work in the ER. That's 3 12 hour shifts/week.
      That means I'm not there 132 hours a week, since ever.
      During which time I worked 20 years on Hollywood productions and during which, from 2005-2010, inclusive, I spent 2-4 days/week doing local security on a 640-acre scrub ranch right on the effing border with Mexico, which had an average of 150k illegal crossers/year/forever, prior to going down there to help a few other guys to change that.
      The ranch saw groups of up to 100, three times a day, at every CBP shift change, when they walk away for an hour, at 0000, 0800, and 1600 (and still do, from San Ysidro to Brownsville, 24/7/365/forever).
      We intercepted groups at gunpoint daily, and blocked cartel groups trying to cut holes in the fence trying to bust through with convoys of dope vehicles which stopped for nothing. We also shot daytime and night time video with thermal and IR, and regular passed the videos of 20-60 dickheads at a time diddybopping through gaping holes in the "fence" into the US, usually the same day, or day after, Dubbya assured America "the border is secure", and our videos were broadcast worldwide on Lou Dobbs' show any 20 times, usually the day after we shot them. To the point that someone sitting in the Oval Office told CBP to plug that hole ASAP, or "heads would roll". In 2010, out of nowhere, CBP showed up, asked the ranch owner what they could do to "solve his problem", and then proceeded to build a 10-mile-long 25' tall 4" pipe fence, (10' down, 15' up, and topped with razor wire), which has since experienced virtually zero crossings since it's installation, and extends 5 miles east and west of the previous wide-open section. Me and 5 other guys pissed off POTUS enough to get that accomplished. You've done...what, exactly?

      Trump wants to finish that wall. Biden has opened the entire border, cost to coast, 24/7/365.
      I already laid out the case solely based on judicial nominations.
      That's not "voting in a HERO", it's called realpolitik. Have someone brighter google that and explain it to you.

      You've got nothing in reply but acting (at least I hope you're acting) like Beavis or Butthead, or some mongrel mix of the two, in puzzlement that there's a difference between flying into the ground full speed at -90º angle of attack, versus gliding into a skidding crash landing, and the same is true of countries heading for a crash, as this one has been for some number of years to decades.

      That's far more time and explanation than you deserve, and probably more than you can grasp, but the other 10K+ people who read Irish's blog daily may benefit from the elucidation, so even when you waste my time, you manage to accidentally contribute to the discussion.

      Well-played, yapmeister.

    5. Congrats Aesop. Glad to hear your still a Marine.

  49. That whole voting thing is over. The rooftop will now become the new soapbox. We have gone the way of global communists and as a free republic are finished. It will become war or enslavement to the corrupt globalists. You will eat the bugs,,,

  50. I was a bit confused about his stance on the vaxx until recently. The first vaxxes were placebos and if he hadn't pushed for that we'd have been in an even worse position. Why? if he had said anything else, they would have used the 25th Amendment on him. Traitor Pence would have been installed and we wouldn't be able to have this conversation right now. They would have forced us into concentration camps. Republicans are no better than Democrats.

    As for traitors around him, that is true. He learned a hard and painful lesson on who he can trust and who he cannot. He knows that now. Plus, I would say he has allowed those traitors to publicly expose themselves as such. Desantis does not have my trust. He says all the right things but my gut says different about him.

    I go back to his inauguration speech. He said he was returning this country to We, the people. President Trump cannot do this alone. We, the people, need to take action, legal action, and use the power and authority we still have to take back our country. I will tell you this is already happening. We the people are standing up and telling BOTH parties they are no longer in charge. President Trump is the only one saying this and the ONLY one who believes in all of us. I stand next to him.

    1. " The first vaxxes were placebos and if he hadn't pushed for that we'd have been in an even worse position."

      Utter bullshit.

  51. Being a Brit i have no horse in this race.
    However, i've envied and admired that you in the US had a Trump to vote for and you took the chance and did so, you did the right thing.
    In Britain we have no such chance of voting in a non career politician, we can't vote our way out of the mess we are in.

    Look at the vitriol and hatred shown against Trump and those who supported and voted for him, the threats made against anyone who dared to vote for him, when the flak is that intense you are definately over the target, when you upset the very people who are intent on destroying your country to the point they are incoherant with rage then you know deep down you are doing the right thing.

    If i had the chance to vote for Trump, or an equivalent we sadly don't have in Britain, i would without a moment's hesitation, we've had it in England the uniparty wins however we vote, you in the US still have a chance to throw a bloody big spanner in their machine.

    Trump was conned over the vax scam, that's what they'll use against him and he should come out and admit he was duped to pre-empt the coming attacks where they try and put the blame for the vax on him alone.

  52. Undecided at this time but I'm leaning toward not Trump again.

    The entire nation needs to spend a lot more effort on vetting ALL the others we vote for; and media needs to be compelled help make that happen without falsehoods and bias.

    I very much liked Trump's governance and also admired his endurance in the face of constant attack; but am thinking others could do that as well without making themselves such a target. We need to look at the entire picture to fix this entrenched, crooked clown show and not just few attention-getters on each side. Elect another and let them appoint Trump to an effective high position. If that's not acceptable to Trump then he has learned little from this.

  53. Orangeman’s biggest problem is that he’s just not in tune with the existing paradigm . . . “Not one of us” . . . syndrome.

    Add to that the fact that despite his clarity of vision on immigration, economy, defense, and education along with his ability to make decisions and stick by ‘em, DJT just isn’t smart enough to realize just how goddam annoying he is to “the establishment.”

    Just as the “A” in Biden stands for “Awareness,” the “H” in Trump stands for “Humility.” He is pre-friggin-cisely what this nation needs to stop circling the bowl, but there’s just no way any Congress would let him do the job.

    And Faux-Chi? Hmmmphh! The American Mengele.

    Here’s the REAL problem: Recently I read an article based on some study or poll on the effectiveness of the US legislature. Apparently it discovered that 76% of voting-age Americans believe we should “clean house . . . toss out ALL the bums and start over.”

    Problem is that what they mean is everybody ELSE’s bums, but not theirs – IOW, leave MY bum alone ‘cuz he brings home the bacon. Well, I think we oughta take a page from Judge Wilkerson in the 1931 tax-evasion trial of Al Capone – switch electorates.

    Wilkerson was informed that Capone’s people had “bought” the jury to ensure acquittal in the trial, so he instructed that the jury pool be switched with another group before voir dire and eventual seating of a panel.

    We could do something similar to that in Murkan politics where national senators and representatives are chosen – simply have voters from other states decide which candidates will be in the next session to represent a given state’s people.

    In secret ballots, f’rinstance, have Alabama choose members of the US Senate and House from California; have Oklahoma choose for New York; Kansas for Illinois; Florida for Colorado, and so on.

    Another option that I’ve offered several times is to remove party affiliations from ballots; IOW, no “D” or “R” beside candidates’ names, just the name itself.

    And of course the other option would be to simply give governors veto power over winners in their states. For instance, if the governor of California doesn’t like Adam Schiff because he’s a jerk and a major embarrassment for the state, he can invalidate his election and appoint a substitute. Governors get 3 such free peremptory challenges per national election, one for US senator and two for Representatives.

  54. Only problem with using a different electorate is …. Me having to invent time travel, so I can get Jack the Ripper and Genghis Khan as sole candidates for NY and California.

  55. If you cannot see Trumps failures during his term as just that, you are blinded by ideology or something else.
    Had his chance, blew it, not giving him another 4 years to fuckup. If Hillary was in jail, he would still have my vote, vaxx-aside.
    DeSantis should be #1, make Trump his VP, and let him tear up Mordor on the Potomac on special commitee after special commitee. And you KNOW the CIA won't try to give Ron a Houston Haircut with Donald in the wings...

  56. Say home, Mr. Trump. You are the greatest thing the democrats can hope for to keep their grip on power. Make way for other electable candidates, like Nikki Haley or Governor DeDantis.

    1. Trump stays home, I, and many others stay home. Good luck with the GOPe. They will continue to lie to you, and you will still be voting for them.

  57. I will go with Trump first, he,s , (more or less) knows what he is up against this time around! Desantis needs more to time to prove to me he isnt just another Rino and to see who he has in team!
    Regardless the future for the USA is going to be "difficult"

  58. I believe Trump will pardon the Jan 6th political prisoners and commute their sentences, but I really doubt DeSantis will do that. For just that one reason, I will vote for Trump. We owe it to those people who are being treated like 3rd world gulag detainees.

    1. @ocopek January 29, 2023 at 7:37 AM

      "I believe Trump will pardon the Jan 6th political prisoners and commute their sentences"

      I believe you need to troll harder. Even 2023 "Get Vaxxed!, for the very first time!" boosters, can't disbelieve their own lying eyes that hard.

  59. Did Trump learn his 1A, 2A, and vax lesson? Who will count the votes?

  60. I am to the point of votes do not matter. Nothing was done or even talked about openly when it came to the stolen 2020 election. At least Kari Lake is fighting still...she should be on the top of the presidential ticket in 2024. I live in FLA and our Governor almost lost to a real Piece of chit first time around . Our state would have been a disaster if he would have lost and not had him during the covid hoax.
    Trump would have my support if he would talk honest about the vaccine and bring fourth the muzzled doctors to the mic's. The January 6th people were real American patriots and have to be made more than whole. They were collateral damage of a stolen election. It is shameful he has not recognized their plight more publically.
    Biden , Fetterman , Hobbs were all elected by a corrupt voting system our votes do not matter.

  61. Yes Trump is the man for the job but after 2020 voting is useless. Pretty much like giving a decaying corpse an aspirin.

  62. Who gets elected matters less than who can we hang. No politician breathing today has the balls to behead the tens of thousands of government bureaucrats and officials that need to be beheaded today.

    1. True but it’s not happening. A wise friend of mine told me about two years ago that the second amendment is nothing but a pacifier nothing more nothing less.

  63. I vote for a Coronal Mass Ejection that “resets” the planet back to 1870s technology. Time to cull the herd and rethink modern “values”. This world is headed towards “number six” at breakneck speed. It may be too late to overcome the inertia of what’s been set in motion. Why does Locomotive Breath keep playing in my head?

  64. Donald Trump could not overcome the weakness endemic in the system. For a short time he fixed a lot of obvious problems with Executive Orders. Quite obvious problems. So why didn't Congress enact laws to codify those changes?
    Because they didn't want to.
    So for a short time it looked like things were going great. But it was never going to outlive President Trumps time in office. What an EO can fix, a EO can redo.
    So we ended up far worse than when we started from.
    Donald Trump can give us another good four years. At best.
    The entire system of American Government is corrupted beyond repair. And we all know the only recourse for that.

    1. @John January 29, 2023 at 9:09 AM

      ""And we all know the only recourse for that."

      Except. We. Don't.

      If even, just, enough knew, to change, the dogs would be barking, as the caravan rolls on.

      Yet, the caravan remains still, while the dogs feast on the riders.

      What do we know?

  65. I’ve read where Trumps wealth took quite the hit while in office. It seems every other politician accumulates wealth while in DC. That’s what you call a clue. The fact that he wants to take another shot at the presidency tells me his motives are not wealth creation but love of country. His policies were for the most part excellent, except for the covid response. Look at who is backing Heavy D, Nikki or any other politician. Who is Trumps mega donor? I haven’t found one, please if someone knows who is backing Trump financially let us all know

  66. It’s simple, Trump cannot win. He is toxic to suburban voters. Yes, he was screwed by Russiagate and 2020 was stolen by FBI and media collusion, but his pettiness self aggrandizing bluster is ultimately what did him in. DeSantis is fighting the Left without the personal baggage, but unless the Republicans find a way to break through the media lies, none of them will win in 24 no matter how bad things are.

    1. "DeSantis is fighting the Left without the personal baggage" and the 70,000,000 Trump supporters. If Trump runs an overwhelming percentage of the Republicans will vote for him over DeSantis. So if Trump runs DeSantis should wait until 2028. With all of Trump's "pettiness self aggrandizing bluster" he is still a better president than anyone in my 80 year lifetime. I could give a shit less how "petty" Trump is he is a true Patriot and that is what is needed.

    2. DeSantis needs to fulfill his duty to the Floridians who re-elected him and despite all the accolades people are giving him many of the laws he passed are half ass political window dressing. For example;
      the law prohibiting LGTXAYZHK ideology from being taught in school only applies for K-3rd grade. Such ideology has no place in school at all. DeSantis tightened up Florida's election laws but Florida still uses voting machines leaving one of the biggest loopholes for election fraud wide open. Florida also still uses the Election Registration Information Center (ERIC) system which is run by liberal non-profits such as the Pew Charitable Trust. DeSantis can show that he is not owned by the globalist by telling the Florida Department of Law Enforcement no to their request for $25 million to upgrade to biometric tech for future facial recognition use, which is a first step to adoption of a digital passport and an invasion on individual rights. The request also gives the FBI access if approved. DeSantis has the pedigree of every other career creature in DC, Ivy league educated lawyer with no private sector work experience. DeSantis needs to finish his term as governor and show that he is not beholden to globalist Ken Griffin, Yeb Bush nor Paul Ryan. With a republican state legislature in Tallahassee DeSantis has the opportunity to strengthen his America First bona fides for the next four years. Trump in 2024. DeSantis 2028 and beyond.

  67. Like Trump's policies but , if he could just do the job and not comment on EVERYTHING I would like him much more. They're all corrupt in my opinion. How much money do you need in one lifetime? That's what all of them are really after.

    1. @Anonymous January 29, 2023 at 9:55 AM

      "They're all corrupt in my opinion."

      How is swearing an oath? Swearing your sacred honor? To an empty throne?
      Then obeying whatever emits? From whatever squats? On said throne?

  68. Trump is the candidate who can withstand the beatings that will be administered daily. DeSantis is tough, but not that tough. Trump will pardon the J6 on day one. DeSantis, maybe.
    Possible that the following is in play: Trump announces his run. The Trump deranged go all out for him while DeSantis is in the background building his campaign and credentials. At the Convention or immediately before, Trump announces he is not running and throws in to back DeSantis. Too late for the haters to switch gears.
    Of course none of this matters if the election laws are not changed.

    1. AnonymousJanuary 29, 2023 at 9:57 AM

      "Trump is the candidate who can withstand the beatings that will be administered daily."

      An eighty year old? An illionaire? For life.

      Can "withstand the beatings"?

      Like he's withstood them, his entire life? (Had to add that -- before you geezers pause your bright yellow walkmans, and beat me.)

      Trump's not even the most likely, of the CURRENT, of the REPUBLICAN, candidates, to defy the power(sic) that be.

  69. Interesting Irish you brought up this question. Please take a look at


    And ask yourself what reason to vote at all?

    Protect your family as Winter is HERE.

  70. Try checking out X22report daily podcast/ video. I am sticking with Trump.

  71. TINVOWOOT https://ncrenegade.com/trump-still-has-a-death-grip-on-our-side-only-we-the-people-can-save-us-from-this-evil-not-trump/

  72. Trump had his day. He opened a lot of eyes, but he is too much the bull in the China shop. Desantis is the guy. I still don't think we will see a Republican win, the whole process is corrupt. Major changes must happen first and I don't see much backbone in the party to take on the job.

  73. John--
    I am proud to make Trump flags available at SaratogaFlag.com
    You guys are the best!
    Tony ;-)


  74. In the race to save the Republic it seems to me we are past the "ballot box" solution and that the "bullet box" is now the forerunner. But has America become too soft, or too afraid, to stand up against the evil facing this nation? 300 million guns and a trillion rounds of ammunition means nothing if all they do is collect dust. Perhaps "soft" or "afraid" are incorrect. Maye it's more like not wanting to commit suicide by going up against all the attack helicopters, the F-15's, the A-10's, the Predator drones, the almost countless spy satellites watching and tracking citizens 24/7, the many converged government organizations infested with sellouts and traitors, the next-door neighbor who will turn you in at the first opportunity, and the reality that there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide to be safe from all that.... this could be the reason Americans do nothing. The people of America built the greatest civilization in the history of the world, but then let their guard down and allowed the evil that has always existed weasel it's way into the government at all levels, the schools and colleges, the banks and major business institutions. The result of that inattention is now painfully apparent. We are now - for real - facing the world war we have all dreaded because of these insane and deranged fools. The solution? I wish I knew.

    1. Anonymous January 29, 2023 at 11:10 AM

      Time runs back:

      "The solution? I wish I knew."
      Not here. Not paying enough. Not even false offering enough.
      (Many, many, out there. Simple maffs. Of how many there must be.
      How many 'free' copies of the 'free' offer are even downloaded?)

      "Maye it's more like not wanting to commit suicide by going up against all the attack helicopters"
      People with 'nothing to lose' (in fact, not merely the regime's maffs) do so. Regularly.

      "300 million guns and a trillion rounds of ammunition means nothing if all they do is collect dust."
      Guns are 'expensive'. Ammunition is 'expensive'. Hoarding drives up the 'value'. Of the 'investment'.
      Just like 'still sealed' 'action figures'.
      (How many hoarders, 'eat' the cost, to gift the 'investment', to those that WILL use it? How many hoarders, simply redirect fungible 'assets' from MOAR HOARDING!, to those that will acquire, and USE, their own copies of price inflated [by hoarding] 'assets'? When I's gots mine?)

      "the race to save the Republic"
      This is the Republic. These are The Republic's rewards.
      (Don't want more? Of the same? Offer something better. At least offer something different.)

  75. It's cute how people think the Prez has soooo much power. Veto. That's it. Appointment? That's the last control over that position he has. If he plays it too hardball and not by script? How much power did JFK have on 11-23-63?

    The only way out is the States taking back the powers they let the Fed gov steal over the last century (give or take).
    Steve S6

  76. I voted for Trump twice though I had pretty much given up voting for president and focused on state and local elections. The only reason I do so was that he just seemed to piss everybody off on both sides of the uni-party. My preference would be to see him run hard again with that Trump style in your face, middle finger in the eye attitude. Whether he can pull it off or not at his age time will tell. whether he could win or not at this point probably doesn't matter. Just pas the popcorn and watch the shit show.

    There is no way out of this mess without a fight and I'm not sure we have the fight needed still in us. A sure sign would be gallows being constructed on the Mall. Until then I'll keep prepping, praying and planting at our homestead in the mountains. Waiting on Judgement Day...


  77. I will leave it very simple"………….. TRUMP!!!

  78. I cannot believe how many people still think they can vote their way out of this.

  79. m9777 says: The time for debate is over! The time for elections is over!

  80. * The problem with Trump is that he did not realize that there was simply no one you could trust. He may not have realized that there is no line between an Obama and an employee in the SEC. NEITHER DID WE! Every public employee can be bought and relatively cheaply. Of course he believed the CDC. As for the vax, there is some talk that the vaccine Trump lauded is not the crap big pharma actually distributed. Remember, Trump wanted success. Big pharma and the shareholders in gov want illness because the jab produced perpetual patients--well, those that survived [deaths are still incoming]. Cha ching!
    * DeSantis is part of the deep state. All of his donors are billionaire hedge fund types. He is being groomed by deep staters McCarthy, McConnell and all the various Bush clan members. He is 100% globalist. He even has/had a high ranking member of WEF on staff. He has Dhillion on his team to gather influencers and is having success. Jack Posobiec is already on board. They will be instrumental in sowing doubt and even attacking Trump while DeSantis does his Opie [aw shucks] Taylor routine.
    * I don't think our elections are worth anything anymore. Deep state is probably already cutting a backroom deal to install the right actor who will continue to loot the treasury while trying to convince us that it is for our own good. DeSantis would play that role beautifully, just like Barack Obama did.

  81. I blame a lot of Trump's choices in the past administration to his believing the republican establishment had his best interests at heart. They did not. The GOPe screwed him with every recomendation from administration choices to the pandemic. He's not stupid. I believe that these four years between administrations should have opened his eyes to not turning his back on anyone in the GOPe.

    I'd prefer a Trump/DeSantis ticket which would might give us 12 years to unscrew the swamp. However, if they go head to head....I'd vote Trump in the primary (hoping to set up the same 12 year control as DeSantis comes back in 2028). However, I'll vote for whoever the republican is in the general election as being necessary to try to stop the democrat socialist.

    1. @clayusmcret January 29, 2023 at 12:01 PM

      "However, I'll vote for whoever the republican is in the general election as being necessary to try to stop the democrat socialist."

      And? When the 'democrat socialist' is elected? Again? You (well, somebody that votes like you... in Minecraft), will DO what? Again?

      And wonder why 'they' DO? What they DO? Again?

    2. I sais what I said with my own moniker. What you said, anonymously, makes no sense to me.

  82. Anyone but the establishment

  83. To really understand this you need to understand one very important fact. The Democrats massively stole the 2020 election. They manufactured or switched maybe as many as 20 million votes. Now Democrats steal most close elections but they stole this one so massively that it could be seen from space. Why did they take that risk? They wouldn't have done that to take a Bush or even a Reagan Presidency. Why did they risk jail and nation wide contempt ? Because Trump was the only president that was going to clean house. They stopped most of his efforts in his first term with the collusion farce, the many traitors they planted in his administration and his own parties efforts against. But Trump would have been much wiser to their ways and he would have cleaned house. That is why they still fear him. That is why they sent the weaponized FBI after him. That is why even Republicans fear him. Isn't THAT exactly why we should want him to be president?

    1. Anonymous January 29, 2023 at 12:13 PM

      "Why did they take that risk?"

      What!? risk?

      That, if they tried the steal, Tyrant Trump would lock. them. up! ?

      That, if they failed to sell the steal, thousands of rebels would swarm the Reichstag, and Dictator Trump would have their leaders executed?

      That, if they did the steal, patriots would refuse to comply?

      "Please, Ma'am! If I go to the ATM, refill my wallet, and throw it? Again? May I have another?" is a rather impotent threat.

  84. I will vote, if only to make the opposition cheat, the more openly the better. Ultimately, I agree votes are useless until the corruption is cleared out. Avoiding force would be nice, but that tick isn’t coming off the body politic without encouragement.

    We are in the grip of a hostile government, and they are hustling us pellmell towards economic collapse and a series of devastating wars. The public will have to rise in substantial numbers to turn this ship around. I think there’s enough people, but no one to rally around.

    Wish a bunch of these posts had ‘like’ buttons.

  85. I don’t think it’s going to matter who the next president is. The US is already floating down the river Styx straight to Hades.

  86. Yes, but if the cheat isn't fixed it won't matter.

  87. Hey Irish;

    I voted Crus during the the Primaries in 2016, but went Trump in 2016 for the general, voting for Felonia Von pantsuit was a nonstarter for me. President Trump surprised me greatly, he was loud and verbose and refused to roll over when the donks and their media myrmidons attacked him, he fought back like we wished like all the other GOPers would have. He did a lot of things I did agree with during his presidency, but his failings, was that he trusted the wrong people and they burned him. Now President Trump has a lot of baggage, I am of two minds of 2024. Part of me wants to see him run, partly to have him win so he can go scorched earth on those that screwed him the first time but he is pushing 80 and his health ain't the greatest and there is a huge possibility, he will not finish out his term, so whomever his veep is will finish out his term. President Trump in my mind would be a better kingmaker than a king, and I would like to see perhaps Kari Lake and Haley as a veep, that would knock the donks out and have Desantis run on 2028. Kari right now has no job per se as much as I want her to be successful, I think the deep state/donk political machine shanked her in Arizona, she is a lot like Trump, just a lot younger. Ron Desantis did really good in Florida, the only place where the Red wave actually materialized and that was due to him, but he needs to stay in Florida for a few years to make sure what he does sticks, and to pay back the voters faith in him. We are coming up to the tipping point and I don't know if it can be righted with all the crap and fiscal immaturity I have seen, I have a huge fear that me and others that have "played by the rules" all this time will have nothing because of the continual debasement of our currency because of feckless behavior of our elected officials in D.C.

  88. The greatest threat to me, my freedom and my way of life is dr evil, Schwab and his ball sucking lackeys that gather in Davos to plan out my demise. The first candidate to acknowledge that and vow to oppose The WEF gets my vote.

    1. @Anonymous January 29, 2023 at 3:26 PM

      "The greatest threat to me, my freedom and my way of life is dr evil, Schwab"


      Klaus Schwab is going to come to your home, with a sledge hammer, and destroy your methane appliances? Bill Gates is going to use his hypnotic powers to immobilize you, while injecting you with his latest Mengele cocktail? George Soros is going to stop you at gunpoint, and intone "Stand, and deliver!" (successfully)?

      And, if they do not, do those things, they will... what? Pull down their pussy beanies so hard, and scream so loud, the Moon will break out of orbit?

      Know your enemies. Even if it's just those that call you "enemy". ("Other", "them". "Us", "we". "Just following orders", "the rule of law". Distinctions sans difference.) And don't be surprised where they sleep at night. Safely under your watch. Where their children play. Safely under your watch. Where they deposit their profits. After you've paid them.

  89. If anyone other than Donald J. Trump is elected President in 2024 it will be the end of the Republic. If DJT wins on 2024 it will be the end of the Quasi Democratic Socialist state that currently exists. The FBI, CIA and DOJ all fear a Trump presidency. And they should!

  90. Wow, this might be the longest comment list I have ever read on this site. I am proud that we are so passionate about this country founded on liberty. My thoughts:

    -Trump was never a leftist; he was simply a businessman and played the NY game

    -I never believed Trump would be as good as he was. I simply knew ANYONE on the right was better than Hillary. He could have played RINO president and everyone would have been content that he wasn't Hillary. But then something miraculous happened. Trump did what he said he would do. And we loved him. He scared the RINO congress and that is why they didn't hold up their end of the bargain when it came to policy. He scared the Dems and the media. Suddenly, a person who wasn't a real politician, someone they couldn't control, and someone who had enough money and power to fight against them. They vowed to NEVER let that happen again.

    -Trump only won in 2016 because the Dems never believed he could win. They severely underestimated how much the country was tired of Dem politics and OBAMA's hate mongering. They were caught off-guard and they had no "shovel-ready" plan to defeat him on election night. One thing about leftists; they fight dirty, and they now have the perfect ballot-harvesting and vote-counting system.

    -Trump will never win the presidency again; not even if he gets more votes this time than he got before, and that was a record number then. They will be sure of that. If the Republicans would have fought pre-election in 2020, this could have been avoided, but they didn't fight because they didn't want to fight. This is the important point. There are several great individual politicians, but not a single political party wants Trump to win again.

    -Do not misunderstand. I want Trump to be president again, but I do not think it is possible based on who counts the votes. Go with DeSantis and hope that he ends up a little better than you think he will be (just like Trump was). Maybe, just maybe, the Dems will not care quite as much as long as they get the ultimate win (Trump out of national politics). After all the UNI-party only works if Republicans get to win once in a while. Just not Trump. They will never make that mistake again.

    I wish I was wrong and I hope that I am wrong. Nothing would make me happier than to wake up 6 months after the election (when they stop counting) and see Trump on top.

    Change my mind...

  91. Why are people still pretending? There was no response to the last cycle so the die has been struck.You’ll witness just pockets of resistance in your lifetime.

  92. I usually avoid this discussion. It seems to go no where. Especially when people start mentioning fictitious things. Let's hope we can all agree to vote for whom ever ends up being the Candidate with the R behind their name. I hope that's Trump. They robbed him, cheated him and on some levels made a fool out of him. He's pissed, and a motivated mofo that I do think will be after the Deep State like no other. I tell my friends we need four more years of Trump so a guy like DeSantes can have an impact for 8 years. But unless we can figure out a way to manage the Big Cheat, TINVOWOOT.

  93. Trump Makes Wrong Promises on Education

    Trump has a grip on the 'right thing.' but his love of top-down governance is a major problem.

    What he should do? Far more simple and guaranteed to work the first time:

    Eliminate the Department of Education, whole and entire. Education is the province of the States, not the Feds, Donald. Read the Constitution! Save a lot of time, money, and angst, Donald: dump DoEd into the Atlantic.

  94. Trump Infected With D.C. Disease? This is why I will not vote for Trump

    The D.C. Disease--one of them--is to believe one's own bullshit.
    Now Trump declares that 'the Vaxx saved tens of millions of lives' and that without it we'd see 1917 all over again.

    C'mon, man. Do you seriously think you can gaslight Americans about this?


  95. Another Unforced Trump Error. Keeps company with wrong folks...Bad Judgement.
    The first graf says it all.

    ....Former President Donald Trump will be joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster at his first 2024 campaign event later this month....

    Trump is allowing the Mouth of the South on stage with him?
    Linnnndseeeeeeeeey is about as useful as Pierre Delecto--or whatever his name is.

    Like Hannity: all talk, zero action.


    C'mon, Donald. You know better!

  96. Trump Sinking Into the Mire

    Now it is clear: Trump was pounding on The Twenty to cave in to McCarthy right after the FOURTH vote on the Speaker--long before McCarthy had made all the concessions to them. (Go to 40:00 on the video embed).

    That is, "Mr. Art-of-the-Deal" was ready to give up long before the deal was made.

    Didn't take him very long to become a Resident Swamper, did it?

    And other than Tucker, the PM lineup at Fox (the Paul Ryan Network) were spouting the Swamp Line, too. Hannity--with his chipmunk-sized brain) and at least one of the dames, plus Baer.

    Now I remember why the only Fox offering I watch is Tucker's.


  97. Trump Descends Into Madness
    It's accurate to say that we backed into Trump support in the '16.

    It's accurate to say that we are greatly enthused about Trump's America First policies.

    It's accurate to say that we are extremely pleased that Trump showed us the gigantic festering sore that is the Deep State: CIA, FBI, NSA, State Department, and Department of "Justice." For that alone, he should be enshrined on Mount Rushmore.

    We held our fire over his atrocious "spend it!!!" budget decisions. They are horrible.
    The Emperor
    Lately, however....

    Trump apparently wants the Constitution's elections clause to change, Federalizing elections.

    Trump is serious about some damn worthless "coin"--whatever.

    And Trump is pounding the drums for McCarthy as Speaker of the House.

    Maybe there's something in the water, maybe not; wouldn't surprise me if the CIA is putting it into the pipes at Mar-a-Lago.

    But it's time to move on--except from America First. THAT we keep.

  98. Time to cut Donald Trump Loose on LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ.....movement

    But the main attraction, obviously, was Trump. He received a standing ovation after delivering an enthusiastic affirmation of gay rights not often heard in the GOP.

    “We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard,” the former president and 2024 candidate said. “With the help of many of the people here tonight in recent years, our movement has taken incredible strides, the strides you’ve made here is incredible.”

    Trump hosted a Mar-A-Lago party at which he identified the LGBT rights cause as “our movement”.


  99. Trump vs. The Warmonger Globaloneys

    It appears that Donald Trump is the only (R) contender who wants a negotiated settlement of the Ukraine mess, and he's willing to host the talks.

    DeSantis is smarter than the people below.....he doesn't have anything to say.

    Pence, Haley, Pompeo, and Cruz?

    "MORE WAR!!"

    But by all means, anybody but Trump, say the RadioMouths.....


  100. Y’all need to stop expecting anyone to save the country or yourselves. Trump isn’t the Messiah, though he believes that he is and has convinced quite a few people of the same thing. He’s a self promoting carnival barker.

    A single man cannot change the orchestrated swindle of the U.S. Government. Too many people are getting rich from the graft and corruption. Until the majority of the Legislative Branch develop both a backbone and a moral compass, the nation will continue its slide into socialism. We aren’t united towards a goal or vision. We’re divided along racial, ethnic, geographic, and economic lines. We can only hope that the inevitable demise of the USA isn’t too bloody.

  101. Trump is wrong and I will not vote for him because of the abortion issue.... He flip flopped and is not listening to his Catholic wife.

    Trump’s moral inconsistency on abortion could be his downfall
    Trump is losing many supporters with recent, foolish, very bad pronouncements and actions.

    “It wasn’t my fault that the Republicans didn’t live up to expectations in the MidTerms,” President Trump stated on Truth Social this past Sunday. “I was 233-20! It was the ‘abortion issue,’ poorly handled by many Republicans, especially those that firmly insisted on No Exceptions, even in the case of Rape, Incest, or Life of the Mother, that lost large numbers of Voters.”


    1. Trump is controlled by zionist masters, modern day pharisee aka synogogue of satan attendees.

  102. Who Is DeSantis, REALLY??
    Yah, OK, DeSantis has done a few good things.

    But then there's this:

    Ron DeSantis in 2024 is Jeb Bush + Ted Cruz in 2016.

    Five Days in Bunker following Mar-a-Lago Raid 8/9/22

    No expressed support for Donald Trump following Mar-a-Lago raid 8/9/22.
    New brand image consulting team 8/14/22
    New communications team 8/14/22
    National advertising campaign
    94% billionaire and corporate funding
    Raised $200+ million for state governor race?
    Cancels Lee Zeldin fundraiser after meeting with New York real estate donor who supports Hochul
    Endorsed by Club For Growth (C4G)
    Voted to support TPP trade agreement and Obama Fast Track trade authorization
    Supports all Ukraine funding and U.S. government spending in Ukraine
    Endorsed Florida Red Flag Laws, most firearm confiscation of any state
    Silent over the 100 Florida citizen J6 detainees (largest number in nation)
    Asked legislature to criminalize boycotts of Israeli companies, including pharmaceutical companies
    No support for E-verify system or employment law against illegal alien hires
    Endorsed by Paul Ryan
    Endorsed by Jeb Bush
    Sooner or later people have to admit the obvious.

    Ron DeSantis is a generally good governor, but he is being dishonest in his national intents.

    He landed Two HUNDRED MILLION in campaign money from the Establishment.
    Think he has ambitions to take on Trump next year?


    Bet on it.

    One more thing, Ronnie: I'm an American. I'll boycott whoever I damn well please.

  103. You see how the left circles the wagons, and we don't? This is a perfect example. We can't agree on anything. This is exactly why they are winning. Now, someone tell me to shut up...and prove my point.

  104. While I like what DJT tried to accomplish, he's now as much a hot potato as that Harpie. He wouldn't stand a chance no matter his platform. I expect Mike Obama to be Prez by 2024 and the fix is in. Too many >love< those POSs - and there are still a lot of that harpy supporters that would go for Mike - to say nothing of elections not really being elections anymore.

    But for show - to pretend "We The People" ... "They" have too much time to prepare for DeSantis - he's better off staying guv or running for Senate. I suspect someone no one thinks of now. Gaetz? They're throwing mud at him now. They're all bought by someone and you don't get to that level without being in a back pocket of some sort. Let's go off the wall: Risch.

  105. God Damn You opened a can of worms with this post. Love it. Anyone who is counting on Trump to save the country will be disappointed. He is controlled opposition just like Desantis. There is no solution to our problems that can be solved through the political process.

  106. It's too late. Best thing to do is let the Dems and RINOS go ahead and run the country right off the rails. The sooner it's done, the sooner we can start to rebuild. It's one of those situations where the only way through it is through it. The election process is apparantly not auditable and is therefore not a valid process. You are just kidding yourself by voting at this point.

  107. Trump was like a lightning bolt, a bright flash of the truth to open our eyes. Yet, he was unable to do the job himself, and the team he recruited to help him out turned out to be bunch of self serving shitheads. When Covid hit, he trusted people (like the FDA, and NIH) to help make the right decisions, instead of understanding that they are just their to help big pharmaceutical make money. He bought into the lie, ruining any chance of redemption.

    Trumps time has come and gone. With the re-election of Ronnie McDaniel to head the RNC, the Republican Party’s time has probably come and gone also. With the big steal of 2020, and the midterm fiasco in AZ and PA, and other places, the RNC dropped the ball. Without a major house cleaning at the state and local levels, the GOP is done.

    Which means a third party that conservatives can rally around, that can be effective at the local level, and truly bars outside money from controlling it. We will need to throughly vet everyone who wishes to run under our banner (so we don’t end up with a Santos situation). No lying, No ass kissing. Only then can we rebuild our great country. Either that or civil war 2.0, your choice.

  108. So in New Hampshire, Trump says that we need to root out the Deep State, while standing on stage with Lindsay Graham. You can't make this stuff up. Seriously, this clown wouldn't know the Deep State if he infested his entire administration with it...oh wait....HE DID. Elections aren't going to fix anything. In reality, they NEVER HAVE.

  109. The number of people who cannot grasp (that voting at all) ≠ ("voting our way out of this") boggles the mind.
    There are myriad reasons to vote.
    It doesn't equate to the person voting thinking it's a panacea for all ills, nor a solution to the current ones.

    I suspect they figure you might as well ride a motorcycle naked with your eyes closed, since a helmet doesn't stop road rash, nor keep people from pulling into your path.
    That's the level of logic expressed.

    And all the "let's get to the boogaloo now" folks are also the first ones - and the loudest - to back off and say "you first" when someone else suggests that course of action.

    Learn to embrace the mental freedom of "and" rather than "either/or".
    It'll keep your feet out of your mouth, and doesn't sound quite as lunatic fringe.
    Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

    1. As Stalin said, "it's Important the People Vote, it's MORE Important WHO counts the votes".

      Meanwhile in other news, ongoing safety measures has been emplaced to prevent illegal cash from being used by terrorists (Sarc today, New Speak Truth tomorrow, while we vote ourselves out of this situation).

      Be the sand in the gears, politics is to distract you like the left hand of the magician's trick.

    2. Never said anything different.
      Just mind that while you're throwing sand in the gears, you don't feed your own arm into them too.

    3. Your best advice ever, thanks.

    4. Aesop, when we argue I am reminded strongly of the Sounds of Silence by Disturbed.

      Pity we are on the same side, eh?

  110. No. Too old. No voting our way off the Titanic, the iceberg has been hit and it's only a matter of time. It will not be an orderly rush to the lifeboats.

  111. If Trump were to run, it would give the Left far too many easy insults and notional 'talking points'. At least with de Santis, they would have to work for once.

  112. All these anti-Trump anonymous posts raging for war. Useless jibber jabber.

  113. Either one will do a good job.

  114. As in Fight Club, The first rule of "Drain the Swamp" club is don't talk about it. Trump had his chance and the Swamp took him out. He's a fool who got fooled. DeSantis for the win. He knows when to keep his mouth shut and take action.

  115. Hoping for Trump! Having said that I will cheerfully vote for which ever Republican wins the primary.Can't take any more of the Gestapo/Criminal/Stupid/Greedy/Morally Bankrupt DemoRats.

  116. Consider for a moment the absolute panic of the deep state in 2016 when Trump was elected. Remember their all out attack on him and his family.
    This man struck fear in their hearts beyond anything we have ever witnessed.
    To have a weapon that powerful at our disposal and decline to use it would be a grave mistake.
    Consider also the timely rise of the " politician " DeSantis, saying all the right things and " standing tall against the left" .
    Where was he from 2016 until recently? Did he object in any noticeable way to the treatment of Trump? Was he speaking out about the stolen election in 2020 or 2022 ?
    Or was he just conveniently occupied with little problems in Florida?
    I cannot tell anyone what to believe, but everyone should consider the republican establishment and the media's abject hatred for Trump and contrast that with their warm embrace of DeSantis.
    There is no better measure of a man than who his enemies are.

    1. Right up until the moment he said the Clintons are good people.

      My gut back in the day towards the end of his term said that they got the message to him. What message? Well if he did not comply they knew where his kids lived and worked. jared that would have been okay, maybe his thyroid cancer will do the trick.

  117. I dunno, man. Sometimes I think Trump is shining the media on by hinting as his running in 2024...anything to keep the media running away with whatever they can make up about "possibilities" in the 2024 election. Then, just before an official announcement or the convention, Trump bails out; being the plan all along. One can only imagine the back pedaling and sidestepping the media would do getting caught with their pants down.
    On the other hand, why in hell would Trump even want to run? The demorats pestered him, impeached him, made up shit about him for 4 years, and their still going after him...why would he think they would leave him alone this round?
    This is of course if he could actually win the election, but it would seem that the Democrats have all elections sewn up in the future...by that I mean rigged...

  118. My personal opinion is that President Trump was a bit politically naive in his first term and allowed the swamp creatures to leach on to him. I do however believe that he is a man of character and you may fool him once but once he has swallowed that bitter pill he won't be doing it again. President Trump is our best chance of saving our republic and I caution all of you not be fooled by the media or anybody who's hands are stained by the political machine. We are on the brink, we can stand as Americans or we can watch the empire burn just as Romulus Augustus did.

  119. I'm not ready to give up DeSantis as my Governor. What a quandry.

  120. @Mac January 30, 2023 at 8:09 PM

    "we can stand as Americans or we can watch the empire burn just as Romulus Augustus did"

    The problem with that story, is that Americans are enslaved BY the empire.

    If Americans choose to stand, it can be for crucifixion as rebellious slaves; or to burn the empire down.

  121. Totally in on Trump.
    I see no one else who inhabits true Americanism, as defined by a traditional view of individual liberty, Founder’s vision, and goodness.
    The country may already be lost, so nothing more to lose by being totally in on Trump.
    He doesn’t need the job. He’s not a politician. He loves the country. I LOVE THE COUNTRY!
    2020 election was obviously stolen. (When you’ve been paying attention for over 60 years, it’s not that hard to see… despite what George Stephanopolous, and others, try to make you believe.)
    That causes me real angst about every future election.
    So, nothing to lose by supporting Trump… maybe everything to gain?
    It’s a war… so, stay in the fight.

  122. Ask this question, with out Trump does DeSantis do all that he has done for Florida? It's much easier to be the second guy in line when the bullets fly. DeSantis is also taking big corporate money so the Deep State gives up one state to get the the other 49. Sound combat tactics. This is why the whole DS apparatus is stomping on Kari Lake in AZ. A second state and the natives could get restless. BTW my Ultra Normie sister is now awake that she got played on the shots and is going to have the SADS. Was it 4d chess to accept that some people will have to have the reason for their ultimate demise shoved in their face for them to wake up. The hose of cards is coming down one normie at a time. Here's to a New Revolution and Safegaurds for our progenitors safety.

    Spin Drift

  123. I reserve my options to see in the end which is the least detestable option


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