Sunday, January 22, 2023

I Did A Little Tree Work Yesterday...... Before and After...





Notice the two in the lower right corner deciding who will test the response time of the authorities for climbing on private property.







 The Tree requested a Viking Funeral.  





  1. now that you mention it, I want a Viking funeral when I go. drag my sorry ass down to the docks. pick a nice boat , toss me on it and set on fire. in a way, it would be a hoot to hear how they explain how their boat burn down to the water line to the insurance company.

  2. Percival and the GrailJanuary 22, 2023 at 7:11 PM

    Awesome homestead, you have chosen wisely. Cats can be great guardians even if they don't make noise.

  3. No goats handy, eh?

  4. it's 337 days until Xmas, and I will put 20 dollars in the black cat. chuckling

  5. Next time find a neighbor with goats and drop the tree off to them. Goats love them and will worm themselves eating the needles and bark .

  6. My son said he would give me a burial at sea. But said he’d have to keep it restricted to immediate family Only.
    As our bathroom isn’t that big….

    1. That's funny anon. I burn mine in the chiminaya over time. Smell is awesome, better than pinion wood even though I add a little of that as well.

      Bear Claw

  7. LOLOLOL Viking Funeral! Nice! Nemo


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