Saturday, January 28, 2023

It's 3:00am.. Hopefully The 'shrooms are kicking in....

 * don't ask, I don't know, it was on my sidebar earlier....









  1. Looks like an antiwar commentary....

  2. Same as it ever was. SSDD. FUBAR. BOHICA. Where do you think those military acronyms came from?

  3. Dan, I've followed your comments for quite a while.

    An honest question, what is YOUR Experience in actual shooting war?

    Don't let the BRIGHT FLASH disrupt your plans.

    War IS HELL. And soon enough the ocean "Moat" the USA enjoyed for decades will fail us.

  4. Not that I don't appreciate the posting Irish, but what are you doing up at 3:00AM? Your insomnia appears to be way worse than mine. Have you tried Melatonin or a script for Ambien(zolpidem tartrate generic). The drawback on Melatonin supplementation is that taken over a long period your own natural production drops to almost zero. I don't know how Ambien works chemically(i.e. I don't know if it triggers melatonin production. Most of the things I've read on it don't really say. The effect is described as hypnotic, however the hell THAT relates to sleep), but it does the job with no drug hangover.

    Mixing Ambien with alcohol can be hazardous to your health, so there's that according to the package insert warnings, but I think that's with excess dosage and large quantities of alcohol. YMMV.

    I use 1/2 of the recommended dose of up to 5MG 2X nightly, so 2.5mg up to twice per night. They come in 10mg pills which I cut up into 4 pieces. The 2X dosing is handy to us older folks that have to get up for those middle of night bathroom trips.

    I'm not a doctor, I don't play one TV and this not medical advice ;-)) . I'm just relating my own personal experience battling insomnia using available chemical solutions. Again YMMV.


  5. Be careful with the Ambien or else there might be a 7 Iron in future….just ask Tiger..

  6. "Love, Death & Robots" Season 3 trailer on YouTube / Netflix. If you like the above, you'll love this. If not, enjoy Wall Of Noise - Fur Elise Trailerised playing in the background :)


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