Monday, January 23, 2023

They Always Look Like This and None Of Them Are From Georgia...hmmmm


 Shallow gene pool of paid shitbags.











  1. They look like concert roadies from the 70s

  2. and the sad part is, if these clowns get their way. they will be the first people put up against the wall and shot.
    I understand why they no longer teach history in this country. they not really stupid, they just never knew any better.
    but it doesn't mean I would shoot the clowns if they come around my neck of the woods starting shit.
    damn peanut clown and his dept. of ed.

  3. As an Atlanta metro resident, I can say that there is probably an infinite number of things to object to regarding the creation of "cop city" training facility south of the city. I would imagine that its just cover for a Deep State/NWO operation and training facility, it will likely have huge environmental impacts thanks to the millions of pounds of lead it will be putting into the environment (and we know how well government takes care of the environment), will likely be extremely loud for any existing neighborhoods, and countless other things. But NONE of that has ever been brought up by anyone. Things like that might even get the sympathies of Atlanta residents. Not really sure what these folks' problems were with the site. I hear "environmental" and "previous slave plantation" as side comments. Truly, it all just sounds like yet another Soros-paid operation.

    1. MrLiberty, a million pounds of lead from 9mm bullets is about 65,000,000 rounds. That would be a lot of shooting. And spent lead is collected and recycled, let alone the value of copper jackets. Also it is in the best interest of the public to have well trained police who shoot straight. Maybe a tour of Chicago's southside for a weekend evening of collateral damage from gang drivebys would open your eyes.

      Spin Drift

  4. Waitwhat? None of them were from Califrutopia, either?!? Gee, almost like what I've been telling people from 49 other states about their toothless banjo-playing kinfolk for years having something to do with things might have some wee basis in fact.

    I hope the Atlanta court system does the entire country a solid, and they all end up on chain gangs.

  5. Isnt one son of a congresswoman? Carroll?

  6. One from Maine father is a wealthy surgeon

  7. That to me is the funniest part to this whole circus with bread.

    Bear Claw

  8. Sure would be nice to know where they are staying and who is paying.

  9. God, they really always do look like that, don't they? I can smell those mugshots. Filthy soft handed losers who suck at life.
    This is why we need to bring back bullying.

  10. the one big thing they do not understand is it is the cops that are keeping them from getting shot down in the streets
    like the rabid dogs they are. really if there was no worries about the cops bringing charges against them. a lot of people who are tired of this bullshit would just shoot them where they stand and be done with it.

  11. Hahhaha, middle 30s broad letting pantifa fags run a train on her I bet.

  12. ...and in the meantime the corrupt press is trying to re-invent the circumstances of the person the cops killed by eliminating the fact that he fired on them first after being told to exit his tent and drop his weapon. Nothing new there, changing the facts to fit the narrative.

    This antifa shit could have been nipped in the bud early on if the cops had made a few heads explode spraying their fellow "protestors" with blood, brains and bone. I imagine getting hit with a bunch of gore that was recently one of your fellow protestors head would have a decided chilling effect on others being willing to "protest" further, even when the "protest" was "mostly peaceful".


  13. It would be a crying shame if all those furriners were to just.....disappear.....don'cha'know.
    "Hi. Get in. I got a ride for you out'ta here......"

    President Elect B Woodman

  14. Take them to the train station.


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