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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Directed Evolution.....











  1. What movie if you don't mind?

  2. Pretty sure it's Prometheus

  3. Pretty sure it's Prometheus

  4. Prometheus - interesting movie, if you don't mind Charlize Theron. Noomi Rapace is something new.

  5. Yes, Prometheus. This scene with the Engineers DNA being changed made me think of the current situation. So I made this gif.

  6. "Goodbye Suckers" is exactly right.
    Tucker Carlson did a good review of the hit on a gheyboi Fyzzer exec and the lid came off in more ways than one.
    Ucking Fugly.

    1. Yeah, seeing that all over.
      I tells ya, the way that fudgepacking snowflake flips the fudge out is hil-arious!!!
      Tho so many telling 'lines' from that whole exchange highlight the problem.
      First, its a dude dating another dude (ewwww...)
      Then he admits to lying on the 3rd date (THATs how you build a relationship?)
      And claims everybody lies to impress. Ummm, no, sick faggots like you do, but I try to be honest with folks I want to build a relationship with... or are you just trying to fuck someone? I meant outside phizer?
      These sick evil people truly need to be exterminated. I don't want them in my gene pool any longer, I'm done being tolerant of their sickening pervertedness. Those 2 monsters in Florida pimping out their retarded adopted kids was the last straw for me. Fuck em. Fuck em all, and let God sort it out. There is truly something WRONG with their being if they are not reviled by their own behaviour at this point. Cleansing fire please hurry...

  7. Here is the link...

    Personal opinion, far past time that We The People NEED to make a very public example of people who do things like this.
    Stupid should hurt,
    Evil should be agony so bad that people will flinch when they see what Justice DEMANDS.
    If our society does not learn that there are some things that will NOT be tolerated,
    Then our society will deserve what they get,
    May God have Mercy on us if we don't Stand Up for what is right and FIGHT that which is Evil.

    MSG Grumpy

    1. "May God have Mercy on us if we don't Stand Up for what is right and FIGHT that which is Evil."

      But. But! What about our oaths!? What about our sacred honor!? What about our flag!?

      We swore to obey! To an empty throne. Whatever settled on that throne. As long as the checks (keep) clear(ing)!

      That's why we're the good guys! We do evil, because we're good! Oh, and just following orders, of course. Just following orders, from evil, for gold, is why we signed up. With the good guys.

      Who? What? Kind of filthy them!? Would disagree?

  8. We bet Jordon is/was suddenly very concerned for his job, and perhaps his life... that second video at the pizza shop is gold, and it is nicely served up with the big portion of schadenfreude.
    Let's get this party started.
    Mike in Canada

  9. There is no amnesty for the vxxx creators, zealots, and their agencies. Nuremberg Trails 2.0. Lampposts.

  10. The Movie Dopesick on Hulu convinced me not to trust Big Phara nor the FDA

  11. Read the WORDS.
    Directed Evolution...
    They PRETEND it was Going to Evolve into what They pushed it to.
    So many people who need to experience misery every single moment of every day for the rest of their lives.


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