Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Some Hula-Hoops.... updated!

Here is the video... you can thank Orbitup for her name  ;)

and if you really want to see something... check out the comments for
the link the BUSHWACK provided... 


  1. I'll bet she can walk AND chew bubblegum too! :-)

  2. Here's the naked version of her and the hula hoop Remy neekid

  3. Yeah, I had this up on my blog a while back, what you don't see is that clip turns into a porn shoot real quick. Remy LaCroix is a porn star, if you start with the link Bushwack added you can find the rest of that vid with her and the other girl skating around in that clip getting down to business.

  4. Was up in Michigan recently at a club that had one of the dancers doing a hula hoop thing on stage... works for me!


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