Sunday, October 21, 2012

Does Anyone Know About This Old Military Picture?

I found this on a random picture site and I can't find any info on it?

H/T to BC.. who posted this link in the comments right away..



  1. I don't, but Peter does:

  2. LOL, yeah, our guys did the same things with the T-6s and N-2Ns back in the 40s and 50s... LOTS of trains with flattened drive wheels out West! :-)

  3. Aircraft is a T-6 I have a little time in one. looks like photo shop?

  4. I does look like a T-6. The Navy called them SNJ's. They were used as flight trainers in the early fifties in Pensacola. This one looks like it has mounts under the wings; perhaps for munitions. The paint scheme doesn't look like a warbird.

    Peter notes that there are two other T-6's behind the closest one. He also has an image taken a second or so later. It's no photoshop.

  5. Cool photo but - I'd certainly be more animated than the guys on the beach (especially the fellow closest to the water) if I saw an airplane coming at me and look at the shadow angles of the men on the beach and the aircraft. The sun would have to be in two locations.

    Mother Nature being the bitch she is I'd say PhotoShop.

  6. Pissed:

    Great pics and great response from BC. No surprise there.

    A bit off topic but as you ave so many dog and cat lovers visiting here I thought you might like this image:

    I am sure Dr. Eowyn would not mind you sharing this if you want to?

  7. Aaaah, South Africans. Well, almost Brits.

  8. AT-6 was my mother in laws favorite airplane. Brock posted some info l sent him about her a week or two ago. WASP during WW II and is 93. Gave up her flying licenses at 87.

  9. I found this explanation and several more pictures to go with it here:


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