Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big Storm Next Week?...

They are warning fishermen here in New England to be wary of the weather next week due to Tropical Storm Sandy.

GLOUCESTER, Mass. (WHDH) -- A close watch is being kept on Tropical Storm Sandy as it makes its way northward. If the storm hits New England, it could be near Halloween; eerily close to the anniversary of the “Perfect Storm” in 1991.
The storm headed toward New England has some worried about the worst.
“It could be Nor'easter on steroids,” said Robert Thompson, National Weather Service.
The National Weather Service is already warning commercial fishermen who are going out for a long period of time to closely monitor the weather in the next week.

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  1. I dunno. These are the people who have predicted "significantly greater and more violent" hurricane seasons each and every year since Katrina, while the past 7 years have been incredibly peaceful.

    As a further example of their prowess, I sailed from the Delaware capes to NY about 10 days ago. They called for 5-7 foot seas. They were maybe 1 and the odd 2-footer. NWS is now a political machine for AGW propaganda. They have no need for real meteorologists. Their reports don't fit the desired narrative.

    1. Hi Paul, I stopped over at your blog and see you are back at work. What are the weather guys telling you?

  2. ...that I am a bad person for driving a truck and the weather is because of global warming and it will all be explained after the glorious People's Revolution.

    no, in all seriousness, the report is that their confidence in the prediction for dangerous weather is now rising. More precisely "... A coastal storm associated with tropical cyclone Sandy may impact the area late in the weekend and into early next week."

    Thats it. the NY weather office guys are old school and don't believe in panic. Right now they're calling for N-NE 15-20kt. The panic mode computer simulation hasn't been included in the forecast yet.

    1. HA!..

      Thanks Paul for the response. If you hear anything please try and post. :)


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