Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anyone Else Seeing Things Like This Out There?

 From Walter Zoomie's World:

 As most of you readily know, I drive a semi-truck for a living.

I have made that fact abundantly and ponderously clear on many occasions.

My really observant readers…both of you...have probably noted that I am more than little bit grouchy lately.

I have no real good reason for my surlier-than-usual attitude.


Every day I see metric ass-tons of military hardware heading east on Interstate 70.


We’re done in Iraq. 

Afghanistan is “winding down,” yet I see flat-bed after flat-bed of military trucks, wheeled APCs, and armored Hummers equipped with strange looking satellite dish thingies on top where the gun mount would normally be.



  1. I see quite a few military convoys on my daily commute. Assuming they're coming from Bragg, they're generally headed northwest. Does concern me somewhat, especially with all the equipment, firearms and ammunition our federal government has been purchasing recently.

  2. Detroit...in case Obummer loses?


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