Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogger HTML Help....

WTF?... I added google analytics the other day by copying and pasting the HTML code they recommended.

That seemed to work fine BUT now the header picture size is messed up.

( If you enjoy my header pics... then you can understand how this is a big issue! )

I tried going back to the previously saved template but that didn't seem to make a difference??

Does anyone know how to read thru the HTML and make the changes?

I think that the setting that was on my header page layout was

"Image will be shrunk to fit to 1900 pixels"  now the header layout page looks like this:

and the setting is 760???  

If you want to save my computer from a horrible death, please let me know if there is a way to resolve this ?



  1. I actually like the smaller size...Irish.

    I had to quit fucking around with my blog because sooner or later you just fall into a big old tar pit and you can't get out.


  2. I think I can fix it, but you will have to let me into your blog first.


  4. Un-click the "shrink to fit" box, and try sizing your image slightly smaller than the max size.



    1. Good idea Walter Zoomie ;)

    2. Okay.. that new picture was a resize! Thanks Walter sometimes its the stupid stuff!

    3. Cool. Glad I could be of some help.
      I only know this crap 'cuz I have been constantly messing with it for 6 years.

  5. Or...go to template, customize, adjust widths, and then use the slider thingy to change the overall width of the "entire blog." Doing this allows you to adjust the width of your header...

  6. It looks like you got it... I mostly look at the code, but the slider thing will let you get it set right.

    Start you pic at around 900 pix an then keep tweaking until you figure out the right size.

  7. Reading you code it looks like you can unclick the shrink to fit - shrink your pic to the right size and then upload it when it is the perfect fit your blog.

    type in "paintnet" it is a great free program that will help you change your pic size before you upload them.

  8. Just for the record, the "BC" in the previous comments is a wholly different "BC" than the one in this comment. I don't have nearly the HTML skilz that the other "BC" has. ;-)


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