Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Horses and Bayonets!


  1. Yup! Goggle "First Cavalry Division Horse Troop" and "Ft. Sill Artillery Half-Section." Not to mention the horses used by the Honor Guard at Arlington National Cemetary.

    The Special Ops guys (Army and USAF) used horses on Afghanistan. Bayonets are still on the unit inventories of USMC and Army Infantry battalions.

    Mr. Snarky talks out of his ass.

    MAJ Mike
    11B10 (Ret)

  2. Yes. When I heard the bayonet comment, I thought, "What an ignorant pussy."

    Back in the day of GW1, even we REMF USMC reservist comm pukes in Headquarters Battalion carried bayonets.

    Sure...all we did with them was open cans of pudding and care packages of candy and smokes from home, but we carried the MFers!

    We were hard like that though...


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