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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Oh Look, Covid Part Deux, Just In Time For The Erection Season...

 via the EPOCH TIMES<

How bad is the pediatric pneumonia outbreak in China?
If you ask Chinese authorities, the answer would be that you shouldn’t be too worried.
Beijing has told the World Health Organization that there are no “unusual or new pathogens” or clinical symptoms.
Some of the Chinese media reports have described the illness as “preventable and controllable”—you might recall the same phrase being used back in early 2020 when the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread in Wuhan.
Whatever the case, the concerns from Chinese parents are real.
Families are waiting in long queues at Chinese hospitals for hours so that they could see a doctor. Many classes get suspended because too many children are sick.
“Everyone in the class is coughing—you can’t even hear what the teacher is saying,” a man with the surname Chen told The Epoch Times, recounting what he heard from his school-aged daughter from Beijing.
People have had to wait early in the morning to get a placement number at hospitals, and some health workers said they have to do the same. A number in the 1,000s isn’t uncommon. The wait time is so long that some people bring chairs and tents, and administer IV drips to themselves during the process.
While the WHO is seeking more information from the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese regime’s coverup is being noted by a number of U.S. lawmakers.
“We have no ability to trust the Chinese,” Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.), told The Epoch Times’ sister outlet NTD on Nov. 30.
He had signed a letter asking the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigate the outbreak in China.
Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.), a practicing surgeon, also said he believes “China’s going to do everything possible so that they don’t look like they’re the genesis of another pandemic.”
“I don’t trust anything the Chinese say—not a word,” he told NTD. “You get burned once, you don’t get burned again.”
A number of Republicans, including Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, have called for a travel ban.
“A ban on travel now could save our country from death, lockdowns, mandates, and further outbreaks later,” they wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden.
No travel ban is being planned for the moment.
Asked if the State Department supports a travel ban, spokesperson Matthew Miller said they will “continue to monitor this situation closely and provide important updates should the situation change.”
“At this point the CDC has said publicly it does not have any evidence that it’s a novel pathogen,” he said in response to a question from The Epoch Times during a press briefing.
Chinese authorities seem to be using the same strategy it used three years ago to convince the public that the outbreak isn’t very severe.
There has been a lot of emphasis on the effect of flu and other contagions spreading around this time that could have contributed to the clusters of outbreaks; mycoplasma pneumonia is another cause cited.
But Sean Lin, a former lab director at the viral diseases branch of Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, isn’t happy with that explanation. Respiratory disease seasons in the past hadn’t reached such a scale as it has now.
A whistleblower close to the top Chinese leadership told The Epoch Times that the Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping had ordered officials to play down the severity of the outbreak and emphasize that it’s not a result of COVID-19 mutation.
Some countries and regions are now expressing concerns. 
Taiwan has advised elderly, very young, and those with poor immunity to avoid going to China.
In China, COVID-19 isn’t heavily mentioned, but there's growing public speculation that a virus mutation may be at play here.
So far, the Chinese authorities are expanding hospital capacity, promoting traditional Chinese medicine, telling feverish students and teachers not come to class.


  1. Too late. It's already here.



    1. It's a FLU, people - keep your zinc supplements and Ivermectin supplies topped off.

      And Ignore the Gubmint.

  2. I distrust the US media even more than the Chinese. And I don't trust the Chinese even one iota!

  3. Wouldn't a travel ban be racist?

  4. Historic History CzarDecember 9, 2023 at 10:08 AM

    Be afwaid, be vewwy afwaid.
    Vee vill keep you safe, vee haf der wayz und meens!

    1. Eat zee genetically altered bugz and receive a free booster with every cockroach!

  5. The elephant in the room is whether this is due to people rodgering their immune systems with the nasty mutagenic autoimmune stimulating covid shots.

  6. The New World Order is coming and nothing's going to stop it. The U.S. education system, Law Enforcement, Judicial, Political (Democrats & Republicans), Military, Medical and Large Corporate America are all on board. Meanwhile the emotional reacting, instant gratification addicted conservative class is too busy with slobbering over bread & circus toys and entertainment to realize it just around the corner.

    1. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!
      More people need to read and understand this.
      You will have to actively resist the onslaught that is coming. Can't sit in the recliner and watch it on the tee vee, gonna have to get some dirt on ya this time if you want to win.

    2. I agree as well bogsidebunny.

  7. Everything is fine until the videos of people dropping in the streets, cops welding apartments shut, SCBA-Tyvek-wearing dudes misting the streets, ominous heat-signatures of massive funeral pyres and reports of ports shut down.


    Shipping seems to be on a razor's edge again, but not much is heard of Panama's drought...


    Nothing like more shipping through the Suez when a brou-ha-ha is rumbling within missile range.

  8. Not a single trust worthy government, organization or individual sited....

    1. You trust the CCP to quote reliable sources, facts and figures?
      And you know every other DeMSM feeds off the shit out of the CCP's ass.
      Just take it as a fair warning, and prep as best as possible.
      If nothing happens, you're ahead of the game. I
      President Elect B Woodman

  9. 100% pure BS, just like last time. Same measures appropriate for ANY seasonal flu - get out in the sun or supplement heavily with vitamin D, quercetin, NAC, nebulized H2O2 (lots of great instructions online), vitamin C, sinc, and of course Ivermectin if something shows up anyway.

  10. I don't trust anything the Chinks say. Just !ike I don't trust anything the criminals in Mordor On The Potomac say.


  12. What the fuck is the sense of a travel ban if there are Chinese nationals pouring across the border? Our government is beyond retarded.

  13. Just another erection/election year pandemic. They have truck loads of mail it ballot already printed.

  14. Looking at it from a different perspective, 15 minute cities are the perfect breeding ground for pandemic level pathogens.


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