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Friday, December 8, 2023

I am shocked, absolutely shocked I say!

It must be some kind of trick, but according to this article (and others), the Senate Republicans obstructed communist-demonrat measures calling for unanimous consent to pass assault weapons ban/background checks bill. I hope a lot of these RHINOS are getting the message that the Americans that work, contribute, build, produce, pay taxes, and who elect them to office are sick and tired of their double speaking-lying ways and their failure to put AMERICANS first. As for assistant commie-party chairman kommrade Schumer, he can stick this sort of legislation where the sun doesn't shine. Read the entire story here.

h/t to reader Bob in E-town


  1. well, the day we give up our guns is the day the railcars start moving people. I remember back in 1968, mom was upset that they wanted to ban pistols. she pulled money from the bank and had go buy 2. one for each of them.
    she said something like, if they want to ban them, we best get some before they do. she always thought of guns as a tool . nothing more or less. it is the person who holds it that might be the problem.
    and as far as Di-Fi goes, she can rot in hell. back in 1994, she wanted to take everyone's guns away. while she kept hers. she was a perfect tyrant. I really hope her last days on this earth where hell for her. sitting in her spoiled depends waiting for someone to change them. and after she passed, we find out she was worth millions ?
    yeah. as old Harry said, the only way to get rich is to be a crook. and she was plenty too. dave in pa.

  2. Considering that oath to support and defend the Constitution, shouldn't there be some action to be taken against people who propose legislation that is unconstitutional? Why don't they have to put the part of the constitution that supports the legislation in the introduction?

    This bill, authority for it being given in Article 3 Section 1 or whatever? Every law not supported by the constitution is null and void. It was so at the moment it was signed. They enforce them under color of law. And they are getting more brazen. If we let them make us eat bugs,,will they stop?

    1. Amen. No more immunity for government officials and agencies that openly violate the Constitution.
      Automatic charges for treason and prison sentences for even proposing such laws or regulations.

  3. The constitution was never about rights, it's always been about restrictions....on the gov't.
    Rights are inviolate and existed BEFORE the conception of any gov't.
    The gov't can only limit right through criminality.
    In my opinion, anyone that tries to limit the rights of another is in violation of the law and should be arrested.
    Yes, Durbin and his cohorts should be arrested for attempting to violate the rights of the citizens.

  4. If they feel the need to outlaw something due to its destructive power they should start with single mothers.

    1. And politicians who continually shit on their oath to uphold and defend our Constitution. By "outlaw" I mean hang them by the neck until they're dead, the very moment they attempt to use their position in government to attack our natural rights.

  5. Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.) claims “We don’t have more mental illness in this country, we don’t spend less money on law enforcement, we don’t have angrier people...".

    What we do have, Chris, are a lot of leftists that have promoted, fostered and in fact, legislated, serious moral decay. And as a direct result, we have an alarmingly reduced value and respect for human life, especially among young men in leftist run cities. We also have, despite our immense law enforcement budgets, a pathetic, inexcusable tendency among prosecutors in these same urban areas to strenuously avoid the enforcement of existing gun laws. Laws that were passed to remove violent criminals and their firearms from society. This group of violent assholes, that can be argued are mentally ill, represent the "gun culture" we should be going after, and every one of these worthless pukes knows it.

    If Chris is wondering where all the angry people are, keep promoting the obvious leftist end game of a disarmed American population. I absolutely flat fuckin' guarantee he'll see some angry people.

  6. Another day another threat to our lives liberties and property. Every freaking time they have done this we free Americans get more armed. Those that thirst for the above always bring out the exact opposite of their goals.

  7. America does not have a gun problem, we have a violent people problem and most of these violent people were raised without the leadership and discipline of a loving Father in their house.

    Dr. Hollowpoint is correct in his analysis of the root cause of the problem.

  8. I had a really silly idea today... I'm sick and tired of our side "playing defense" all the time, then handing the ball back to them only to have to play defense again next time. How about we do this:

    Require everyone who wishes to vote on legislation restricting or limiting any Constitutional right (for example, 2A rights) to demonstrate basic proficiency with that thing before they can vote yea or nay on it. All those failing to pass the test must abstain from voting on that subject (and the list of those who have qualified or not qualified be made public record).

    Sooo... all these know-nothing anti-gun people who want to restrict so-called "assault weapons" have to report to one of our military's basic training facilities and demonstrate that they can field strip a standard weapon (an AR-15, say), identify its parts, put it back together, and fire it proficiently on the range at least as well as your average grunt.

    If you violate a gun safety rule (flagging, putting your booger hook on the bang switch before you're ready to fire, or Lord help me, accidentally discharge the weapon)? Instant disqualification and ban from voting / drafting gun restrictions or limitations (i.e. magazine capacity limitations).

    If you want to introduce NEW legislation restricting our rights? You need to demonstrate EXPERT level knowledge and proficiency. This would not only absolutely shut down the know-nothings, but it would also embarrass the fuck out of them, which is the one thing they absolutely cannot stand: being exposed as fools and ridiculed to Hell and gone.

    My guess is that half of them would opt out and waive their right to vote on or draft new legislation to avoid being exposed as know-nothing fools, and they'd lose all the votes needed to pass such infringements against us.

  9. What 'bill'?

    Sorry, go fuck yourself.

  10. But they won’t block the other BULLSHIT

  11. Watch out for the legislation one of my useless P.O.S. senators ( Angus King) is trying to get passed. He's trying to ban all gass operated guns, with a senator from N. Mexico.

    1. He can c'mon up to colorado and suck my big FREE dick.

  12. For the last 50 years every time a gun control edict was passed by a legislature an unintended consequence was that gun sales immediately increased, often setting new records for gun ownership. That, of course, is welcome news to the remaining few gun manufacturers who have not yet been forced into bankruptcy. Gun control and politics is a very strange concept.

  13. Guns don't kill people Democrats kill people. Stick your gun bans up your ass!

  14. It's liberating when you realize it's OK to cherrypick the laws you abide by, just like the common criminals and thugs who create those laws do. Fuck. Them. ALL.


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