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Thursday, February 2, 2023

When You Realize You've Spent Too Much TIme On The Wrong Sites.... Rule 34* Invoked






MA Bell has become MILF Bell




 RULE 34 <<<< 

You can blame RK , he sent it...




  1. I took a shock.off a phone like the one pictured, when I was about 8. In Boone Grove, In

    1. Ken, I hope it wasn't where I think it was, ha hahahahahahah

      Bear Claw

  2. That Rule 34,,is that in the same section of the rules as racing is? You know, five minutes after the second one is built someone is trying to set up a race.

  3. Excuse the French but that is some fucking funny ass shit right there. Edit if need be Irish.

    Bear Claw

  4. Well, my curmudgeonly attitude is somewhat adjusted. Somewhat. Nemo

  5. Elders still have one of those and it is damn heavy.
    @Ken, got blasted back about ten feet as a lil' shaver when touching the family truckster camper as it was having the generator charged, good times!

  6. 4chan 4ever!!!! I particularly like the Spiderman memes...


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