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Thursday, February 2, 2023












  1. And the fantards of hollyweird would not know the difference.

    ps That's me second from the left above he was a buckskin color back in the day.

    Bear Claw

  2. That is perfect! Thanks for the laugh!

    Midwest Chick

  3. I never understood the Groundhog Day stuff, even as a kid, but especially now that I resemble something akin to an old adult.

    The damn thing always see his shadow, even when it's snowing an inch an hour and you can't see three feet, so it's always six more weeks of winter.

    Well no shit Sherlock. Spring doesn't spring until 21-MAR. Who, with two or more brain cells to rub together, would think that winter weather isn't going to last at least 6 more weeks.

    ...and yes, I've had breakfast and sufficient coffee this morning and I'm STILL curmudgeonly.

    I make no apology.


    1. OK. I'm doubling down. ;-))

      I watched the usual clip of the Punxsutawney Phil shenanigans somewhere last night on TV. I think it was on Jessie Watters Prime Time.

      Did you know that they've been doing this gaslighting for 137 years?

      One Hundred Thirty Seven Years and people come from miles to watch this stupidity LIVE every year.

      There's also a Canadian version. They use a marmot(smaller cold weather version of a woodchuck that does mass suicide every few years, at least the ones that don't get eaten by the bears, foxes, coyotes and wolves) instead of a woodchuck.

      Don't people have better things to do mid winter, like stoking the wood or coal stove, than stand outside IN THE COLD and watch some huckster tell them that, no matter if the sun is shining or not, the giant rodent saw his shadow, so there's going to be six more weeks of winter, which we already know?

      Then we wonder why the country is going shit.


  4. What Nemo said ^^^^^

  5. Bill was outstanding in that film. Watched it again today.

  6. Don’t drive angry!


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