Tuesday, January 31, 2023

200 Comments And We Finally Caught One...


Thank you all for keeping it civil in the Yes or No post.  These are the only 2 comments I rejected that I can think of. Some were moderated from my phone so I was cautious to not accidentally delete any.


 I guess Hedge isn't voting for Trump...


  1. That’s what happens when daddy fertilizes a turd .

  2. well, he did make a lot of mistakes. but also he did get a lot of things changed for the better too.
    taking out General Flynn was key to fucking him and his plans up. see Pence for that shit.
    if he does get back in, and I wonder if he could given the amount of voter fraud we seen so far.
    it will be the revenge tour. and the federal clowns know it .
    but if he did manage to get back in, he will need a army of backers to keep him alive and to carry out the cleaning
    of the mess that is the federal clown show. I think they would take him out before they let him near the oval office again.

  3. Pure Mental Genius there. Might have strained his brain and Cheetos stained dirty fingers writing such Prose.

    Thanks for moderating..

  4. He's already on my short list.
    At least he's learning to spell.

  5. Some "people" just have to show the world their sub-par upbringing, I guess.

  6. Clearly, he was educated in a Blue State.

  7. Two+ years later and TDS is till alive.

    The Trump haters and MSM still don't get that he's living rent free in their heads on an hourly basis.

    The MSM I can sort of understand. Their Trump bashing helps sell their Orange Man Bad narrative which generates ENORMOUS revenue for them despite the fact that all of their BS is FAKE NEWS.

    They should be thanking him from keeping them out of bankruptcy for the last seven years.

    Bankruptcy would have been the normal course for them in another era, not that MSM hasn't been corrupt since the printing press was invented.


  8. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Perhaps Hedge secretly likes Trump, and, well, you know...

  9. I agree with hedge, but it applies to all the rest as well except for Thomas Massie of the great state of Kentucky. He runs for President and I will start voting again.

    Note, they will never let that happen.

    Waiting for the final box to be opened, "it's the only way to be sure".

    Bear Claw

  10. Lots of "projection" in Hedge's 2nd comment.

  11. Ask him why. I'm sure he can explain it to you.

    1. Maybe he knows trump signed the first of many trillion dollar spending bills which had only one no vote in congress.

  12. Well, THAT perfectly personifies the "tolerant and inclusive" non-bigoted lefts ACTUAL character, doesn't it? It's nice when they show their true colors in their own words.

  13. King maker Trump would be better in Ronna McDaniel's job than President....


    Go to Link..... Very thoughtful commentary and Ray does not use the word "D1ck" or "Fu@k" or any profanity.......

  14. I don’t think I can forget that Trump authorized Operation Warp Speed. He lost my trust.

    In a spiritual sense, he was blind to evil

    When all the Covid misinformation pounded us, Trump was blind to it.

    Me? I was not gonna open myself up to demonic possession by taking a so-called vaccine derived from murdered children.

    I believe Jesus is the Lord and the Lord of life. …Life……. Not murdered children.

    This website has not changed the entire time of Covid and even up to this day…. And nobody a legal suit against them for misinformation.


    …….Are any COVID-19 vaccines available that are not tested or produced using a cell line derived from an aborted child?

    No, for now, all vaccines for the COVID-19 virus being distributed are produced and/or tested with cell lines that originated from an aborted child. Each person/family must make a prudential decision with an informed conscience and do what is best for you, your family, and your community…………

  15. Uh! Why moderate them if you're going to post them anyway? Asing for a friend, an acquaintance, uh... okay, its me. I don't have a friend or acquaintance.

    1. Hi Coffeepot. I moderate every comment to weed out spam, trolls, and some comments that contain , in today’s world, language that could compromise the blog. If it goes away then no FFFF for anyone. The reason I specifically noted the comment moderation on the Yes or No Trump post was to get a comment section like you see. Discourse. That’s what I was hoping for. No devolving into the sewer. Most of the followers of this blog are individuals. Independent thinkers. We aren’t going to tow the line or fall in lock step agreement. My goal was to get a snapshot of the sentiment regarding Trump. Only one person said Fuck Trump. Then added his other diatribe. That’s why it was moderated. If someone said Fuck Trump because XYZ then it would have gotten posted. Some people see things through a different lens. If that lens is shared and it’s viable then it helps. Arguing, name calling and fighting amongst ourselves doesn’t help.


  16. Good point about the Warp Speed Op, what if this Hedge, like so many of us, lost a loved one to then vaxx?
    Trump wasn’t perfect nor uncompromised. Not sure what post Hedgie was commenting on with his second though, what was it? If it was just a random speeding out, then yea it was trolling.

  17. Until DJT admits that "Warp Speed" was a MISTAKE, and that he will go after Fauci, Big Pharma etc for lying to him and killing the American people then I don't think he has learned anything from the mistakes of his 1st term....like Sessions, Bill Barr etc etc etc etc......until then, I see no point in voting for him again...

    1. Market ticker wrote about that this morning as well and I agree

      Irish, How is mom doing ? Healthy and ornery? -Greg

      Here is the ticker piece

      Trump's Ego
      [Comments enabled]
      Category thumbnail

      If you'd like to have a one-word answer to Trump's refusal to disavow "Warp Speed" (and the outrageously false claims made for its "progress"), or for that matter January 6th, all you need is in fact one word: Ego.

      Nowhere was it better on display than just recently when he attacked Ron DeSantis, for "not waiting his turn."

      This is, I remind you, the very same argument Hillary Clinton made in 2016: It was her "turn" to be President.

      Well, that didn't work out so well, but the ego element was clear there as well. Email server in the bathroom anyone? A rank violation of law too, even ignoring the classified information issue, in that executive members cannot conduct business "privately" outside of the view of oversight.

      But of course Hillary did, and then there's the infamous "What difference does it make (now)" line.

      What drives all this? Ego.

      Simply put Trump is incapable of admitting he was wrong. Yet every one of us is in fact wrong at some point in time. The best thing to do from a standpoint of progress personally is to admit failure rapidly when it becomes evident you probably are wrong, stop doing the wrong thing and do something else. That limits losses -- and as anyone who has ever made progress at anything over time knows the key is to win more than you lose.

      January 6th happened because Trump could not come to the conclusion that he, personally had to get out front as early as the second week of November and do whatever he had to in order to prove he was right. Yes, that would have formally been "lawless" but only if he was wrong. If he was right then the acts of lawlessness were immaterial because the greater lawless behavior had no other redress and on balance he would have still been President. The problem with that course of action, of course, is that if he failed to prove it -- not just "show it", but prove it by irrefutable evidence -- he was going to prison forever at best and might get the federal needle.

      He knew this. But he also couldn't, as Nixon did, face his ego and admit that while he might believe he won he wasn't sure enough to bet his own freedom on it. There was, in that context, only one correct action: Stand down.

      But to do that you have shove you ego into the back seat.

      He couldn't do it.

      Likewise if he had listened to skeptics about "Warp Speed" and the fact that developing, but not conclusive evidence started to show up that there was a reasonable probability the jabs would not work, would cause great harm or both the only rational action was to force deferral until you can prove it up. But doing that required shoving your ego in the back seat and accepting the possibility you were wrong. Trump couldn't do that.

      Now he's doing it again with DeSantis.

      I'm no fan of DeSantis specifically because he's dangerous as he is much more-cunning and able to play for position than Trump ever was in any context. Trump's primary "weapon" historically hasn't been innovation or even triangulation; it has been pure bluster. If you want an analog it's the used-car salesman on steroids.

      Most people full of ego to that extent eventually destroy themselves and any possibility of a comeback.

      Hillary did and you're seeing it right now with Trump..........................


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