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Friday, February 3, 2023

On a Tip From Nemo...


















  1. I'm thinking it's one of those gender reveal things. We're supposed to blow it up to find out if Swalwell and Fang Fang are having a boy or girl.

  2. I swear there are some bubba's round here already trying to figure out if they can jury rig some fireworks to reach 66000ft...,heck of a trophy.

  3. Add the fact that the p-Resident Brandon administration is too pussy to shoot the thing down to the mountain of evidence that he works for them, not you, Jack. The former United States has no borders now. Only a matter of time before Customs and Border Patrol are merged with the IRS. I'm sure they've thought of that already.

  4. I notice that the rigging on the dragon boat balloons (current splash pic) is arranged NOT to hold the balloons in place. Not to mention the funny things on top. Chimneys? Oops. Nice picture though.

  5. That thing should have been obliterated the moment that it was 11.99 miles off the coast of Alaska.
    The cost of tracking, destroying and cleaning up the debris from the water should have been billed to the CCP.
    All CCP property in the US should have been seized until they paid up.
    Do it again, we're seizing the property permanently.

    As it stands now:
    We need to do whatever is necessary to jam any signals from satellites in or out of that thing until we can bring it down safely.
    Then do the billing and seizing described above.
    Then purge the military and .gov of everyone responsible for letting the situation get to this point.

    I'm so fucking pissed off about this shit I can't see straight.

  6. We've come a long from the days when we met Russian bombers off the cost of Alaska with a flight of the then top of line armed interceptors.

    I watched a clip somewhere last night where some supposed military "experts" were spitballing about why the administration was letting the balloon alone. Had to do with exposing our capabilities in that area of operations just in case this is a prelude to some more nefarious intrusion to come, like a balloon filled with an even more devastating bioweapon. Personally, this type of thinking is pure pussiness.

    As a former President of the USA once said "...carry a big stick."

    Use it occasionally, just to make sure it works and has the desired effect. Why does one think we've been at war, declared or not, in every decade of the last century and this one.

    We're testing weapons and tactics. Practice makes perfect and the MIC demands it. After all, an unused stockpile of weapons doesn't keep them in business. Every time the generals decide it's time to beat up a non-peer supposed adversary, the MIC salivates like Pavlov's dogs.

    On another note, it was 13 below at 5:30 this morning here in central New England. The wind has died so the furnace isn't running as often. There was hoar frost on the outside of several of the windows. Don't recall ever seeing that in the 30 or so years I've lived here, but memory isn't what it used to be.


  7. Here's a thought from Wendy Worn. The balloon is American. The ballon porn is from the usual suspects.

  8. If our fed(dot)gov, as a wholly owned subsidiary of CCP incorporated, won't shoot it down, I'm hoping some southern state guv'nor (Texas or Arkansas mebbe?) will have the balls to have their air national guard do it. I would also hope that it can be brought down relatively intact so that a full forensic analysis can be made.

    1. Yes, I realize the guv'nor of Arkansas is a gal. But she has more cojones than 99% of her male cohorts.

    2. So now the news is (via Gateway Pundit) they've shot it down off the coast of North Carolina. That is, according to sources we cannot trust in any degree. They say the FAA issued a TFR (temporary flight restriction) for the coastal area. As a bottom line, we very likely will never hear the real story.

    3. That's really great; shoot it down after it's completed its mission and transmitted the info back to China.


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