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Saturday, February 4, 2023











  1. Laura Woods connects the dots and offers a sane solution........

    A Solution to “Population Decline”


    1. Good luck with that... Foreigners are pretty much RUNNING the place now...

    2. Laura leaves out how her solution to population decline is going to be funded since, to maintain our current middle class lifestyle, most families require either the wife to work or the husband to have two jobs to support his family at a middle class level.

      Her "incentivize births" through .gov subsidies is just most stealing from Peter to pay Paul, i.e. welfare, which a certain demographic is already taking advantage of and illegal aliens are also hip to. It is certain that the rich aren't going to agree to having to pay more taxes to subsidize it either. They're already pissin' and moanin' about their current taxation level.

      I agree that larger families are "the way" as C W Swanson points out frequently in his blog via pictures of large, by today's standards, families.

      However, those families still have to feed and clothe their children which, through .gov policies fueling rampant inflation, attacks on the food supply and the high cost of fuel to power our economy are or will become increasingly impossible.


  2. People look, but do not see because they are blinded by cognitive dissonance. Nemo


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