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Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.... The Balloon Went Up....










False Alarm... It's Just A Prank...

Stay Safe, Stay Warm... Enjoy The Weekend!!


  1. Not to high jack the thread, however since balloon memes are at the top of the stack I thought I'd throw this out for other reader's enjoyment. The link comes via CFP and guess who's at the top



  2. Nice set and yes, FUCK JOE BIDEN (and XI). Thanks, Irish!

  3. A lot of way nicer looking balloons than those useless Chinese sent over. Always nice to see Candy Loving and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  4. Damn Irish, you’re my go to Friday night, and you never let me down. Superb my good man, absolutely superb. Buddha

  5. Nice he'll do nicely on 5, may faith move 6's mountains, nice contemplation on 9, nice bouncy on 16, 19, nice roman heart on 35, nice older lady (thighs especially) on 54, (everything) 76, 84, I don't doubt the old guy in 63 is smiling; looks like he's got 2 of them, nice spigots on 68, nice steatopygia (not to mention dimples) on 76, nice tush on 81, 147, nice frames on 87, nice stretch marks on 93, nice wifely demeanor on 96, nice you name it on 104, nice folies bergere on 105, noble sentiment on 109, even nobler sentiment on 124 because that's me, nice pillows on 129, 130,

  6. I don't know how you do it every week but you never fail to entertain and titillate with beautiful women, on point memes, food pics and Detroit iron. Thank you.

    I was slightly delayed as I had to pause at the flashers 13, 16, 28 and 31 mmm, mmmm, mmmmm. #38 the kid that shit himself LOLOLOL. #66 that's a dangerous red headed milf predator. She'd probably break me. What a way to go. #100 Those eyes, nice boobs too. #124 Old School, yes, it's a shame that way of being raised generally seems to have gone by the wayside, although my two millenials are an exception I'm happy to say. One of the few things their mother and I agreed on.

    It is currently 7 below zero @9:30PM here in central New England. That's a 42 degree temp change in about 6 hours. My furnace has cycling on about every 10 minutes since around 4:00PM. The wind is very strong and there's a major draft through the one window that faces the wind. I tried to fix the draft before it got cold, but my effort seems to have been in vain.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  7. Irish you really out did yourself with this one. Lots of truth here in those meme's and some good boobs and views as well.

  8. ps Candy Loving, Okie born and bred, except she was a Sooner. You could post her every week and I would not get tired of the 25th anniversary playmate.

  9. Belted it outta the park, Irish! Well Done! Got some real fine examples of women in this bunch....

  10. Re songs about Volvos:
    You’ve gotta be really old to remember that the Medallions had a hit with ‘59 Volvo (or to be impressed by the fact that it hat 85 hp). Check it out at
    The Medallions 59 Volvo - YouTube

  11. No cars, no trucks! Thanks for the titties though. Great page.

  12. Irish, I just checked the Kingston weather and it shows -12F. Stay warm my friend.
    Thanks for the weekly dose of goodies. Nice to see the numbers back. Leigh is probably typing quite a long list with a comment for each one as we speak...

    1. No, Bob - I actually crashed on the couch, last night, after supper.
      As such, I am delinquent in my FFFF night observations.
      Especially after the Boss made sure to get our numbering system back.
      I'll get to it in a little while, though.......

      Whitehall, NY

  13. anyone know what 31 is from?

    also, anyone besides me worried there are EMPs on those balloons?

    - Chi.

  14. 29 Truth beyond a reasonable doubt. 42 That's the schist of it. 50 Funny as shit.

  15. 1- That time is long overdue.
    6 - The dress is less plastic than her tits. A shame, as she is fairly attractive.
    7 - A good fence charger would alleviate that problem, in no time.
    8 - When Playmates had more class and grace than all of current day Hollywood, combined.
    16 - Real is always best. Even better when they are shared.
    17 - I'm thinking something got stuck somewhere.
    18 - I could have used that, this morning. Interesting cup.
    19 - Yup. Those are some serious Mommy Milkers. There again, real has the appeal.
    25 - If you go through that much work to hide the fact you drink Heineken, you need to switch to a better beer.
    26 - Well, most people's priorities are screwed up to begin with.
    30 - Yes, ma'am. I'd follow you anywhere.
    31 - Well, now. Seeing as you have my full attention. Is there anything else you'd like to show me?
    35 - Nothing like a just cleaned woman to make me have dirty thoughts.
    36 - Yeah. A charlie horse is usually a show stopper. At least for a moment.
    42 - From a place of beauty to the asshole of the Northeast.
    43 - Got lucky he only lost a mirror.
    46 - Look at that, "Bring it on MF'er" face. BOSS level FAFO Badass, right there.
    48 - I could make that run. An actual Mopar worth saving.
    50 - I heard they are making a Magic Mike sequel. I'll make sure to pass on it.
    52 - I prefer the term, Pure Blood. Thank you.
    54 - Oh yeah. I'm ready.
    56 - Perfectly lovely.
    57 - From downstairs: Door SLAMS. "Honey, I'm home."
    64 - Every. Friggin'. Day.
    65 - Beautiful Desolation.
    66 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    68 - I love those kind and the POV.
    70 - I love a Hot Mom.
    74 - Hello, cutie.
    87 - GILF of the Night
    88 - Some tender Doc Bait.
    92 - POTN 3rd Alternate
    95 - The only way I accept a woman wearing a mask.
    96 - MILF of the Night 1st Alternate.
    102 - What the perfect wake up call looks like.
    103 - I always have told women: "You'll be ashamed of yourself afterwards and can't wait for me to do it again."
    107 - The stuff dreams are made of.
    108 - Those eyes are gorgeous.
    111 - POTN 4th Alternate. She looks impatient.
    112 - MILF of the Night
    113 - And the Hot Moms keep on rolling in!
    116 - If that was around here, her nips would be shredding that T-shirt. Quite chilly today. Got all the way up to +3F.
    117 - Those eyes.
    120 - My Pick of the...errrrr, Afternoon.
    121 - I don't know what mischievous thoughts are conveyed by those eyes, but I'm in!
    123 - Sorry, but Jack and myself are no longer friends. I hold a grudge. Been that way since the Fall of 1987.
    124 - Being a REAL Man never goes out of style.
    126 - Come hither? Absolutely.
    127 - Nice welder.
    130 - Some serious Doc bait, but not even so much as a nibble?
    134 - Oh, that is nice.
    136 - Another gorgeous woman, just as pretty as can be.
    139 - POTN 1st Alternate.
    140 - THAT moment. I live to make those moments possible.
    143 - There's a, "That's the spot" look if I ever caused one. I love that moment, too.
    144 - Quite the artist. To be honest, I prefer the "master" of those prints.
    152 - Not a snowflake or shrinking violet.
    153 - The best kind.
    156 - ALWAYS.......
    157 - I see you started without me. That's OK. I'll catch up.

    I don't know what you had to do to get our numbers back, but I thank you for it.
    Outstanding collection, I had a hard time making up my mind today.
    Thanks, Boss.
    Stay warm, after you get all your outside issues taken care of.
    Good luck.

    Whitehall, NY

  16. But life's not like Monopoly, is it?

    Try playing Monopoly where some of the other players start 10 trips around the board before you do and with 100 times the money. There will be no properties left to buy and your measly $200 probably won't last once around the board.

    Not everyone's a greedy fuck solely focused on money. Somebody had to build those hotels and run the Community Chest.

  17. Eye protection needed for #82.

  18. Great collection, thank you!
    Outside of a young Kim Basinger at 128, I don't recognize any of the lovely ladies. But I wish I did!
    118 and 155 seem familiar, but can't place either....
    Hope you're well and keep up the great work!

    1. I think 155 is Jennifer Love Hewitt. I don't think she was ever caught nude, so it must be photoshopped, but if so, it was well done.


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