Friday, February 3, 2023

It's A New Religion






Via Silent Memejority










  1. Some people are creative as hell. That was fantastic.

    Bear Claw

  2. ps The twatter comments were epic

  3. Karma, a stone cold bitch.
    Looks like the Repubs Karma ran over the Donk's Dogma.

  4. I think she's just pissed ol' joe didn't "target" her if yaknowhutimean.

  5. This is Nasti Pelosi's legacy. Nasti set the precedent. She threw Republicans she didn't like off of the Jan 6th committee. Now the Demonrat caucus and the MSM are having a hissy fit because the same tactic is being turned against them. They never think things through when they pull some shitty tactic.

    They actually think that shitty tactics won't be used against them in the future. They never learn.

    How fookin dumb do you have to be to not recognize that something like this will be fair play in the future when the other side is in power and deems it appropriate?


  6. There was a politician once, long ago who, spoke in that manner.... Gesticulating like an unhinged madman to make his point when he got all wound up... Seems fitting she'd steal his mannerisms, considering how she defends her anti-semite bigot pals with such conviction.

  7. Umm people have been worshiping at the alter of woke evil since we decided to name it evil. This is not a new idea. AOC is just a new player. Joe has generations of evil under his belt...


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