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Monday, July 24, 2017

The Twin Cities Step Right Up After The Damond Tragedy....

h/t to reader John N.


  1. Lots of strange rumors going around.
    1. Mohammed's partner was a CSO (Community Service Officer). If so WTF was a CSO doing driving with a licensed officer (Noor) in the squad.
    2. The lady that was shot came upon these two who were having homosexual sex. Really? Starts to make sense why she was shot for what appears to be no reason.
    3. Noor fired two shots across the front of the driver and through the door. Comments mayor??
    Lots of questions that no one seems to be answering. The idiot unqualifed chief resigned. Good riddance. Her only qualification to be chief or even a police officer is that she is gay.
    The only qualifications Noor had to be an officer is that he was Somali and according to rumors....gay as well.
    This is going to cost Murderapolis some big bucks.....but as long as diversity is served I'm sure the nitwits that live in that toilet wont care.

    1. Hopefully the investigation is able to shed lots of bright light on what went on.


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