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Monday, July 24, 2017

Just One... No One Will Notice......


  1. LOL, they would ALL be gone with my pup... sigh

  2. I love dogs. That dog is trying to be sneaky but his intentions are all over his face. Dogs cannot tell a lie.

  3. Hey Irish;

    That dog looks just like my dog....and I call it "counter surfing". he is good at it.

  4. Love this video. I have a lab/terrier pup and two pussycats. Have to put my kitty food on kitchen table so my Zaida doesn't eat it. One day my best friends were paying me a visit and my attorney friend yelled from my kitchen. I went running, saw this mushy stuff in my kitchen sink, turned my head, looked at my red faced friend who angrily asked: Who puts cat food on their kitchen table? He thought they were peanuts! Again, looking into my kitchen sink at the mushy stuff, I replied: "You wasted my cat food."


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