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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Slow Motion Machining..... and Cutting Slowed Down and Magnified.....

There is a lot of research and engineering that goes into the manufacture of carbide endmills and indexable inserts............

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That last image is taken from this video.  On the microscopic level , the cutter is acting like a plow.
It's amazing how crude this actually is when viewed at this level.

Slow motion of what happens in the cut. Different coatings, different materials.


  1. That stuff is fascinating. The high-speed photography is amazing, but the high speed photomicrography in the last one is jaw dropping. To watch the cutting edge peeling back the layer, plowing through it as you say, is something I think they could only dream of not many years ago.

    I think the good designers could visualize this in their minds and understood what was happening, but to see it makes it clear to everyone.

  2. All good stuff. I remember back in the day before safety glasses being the norm getting a chip in your eye, swarf was the name them. Especially machining brass when a streaming fountain would be coming off of the tool.

  3. Pretty interesting vid on how inserts are made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QrynzJ_lZ4


  4. It's pretty easy to see where the heat comes from at this level, the friction of the material being compressed and torn away.
    It's also quite amazing to see that even though the finish might look mirror smooth to the naked eye it is actually quite uneven when magnified that far.
    Pretty damn cool video.


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