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Sunday, July 23, 2017

One Pissed Off Mom

I saw this over at It Ain't Holy Water and thought I'd share it here. If there is anyone out there who does not believe the commie-liberals are conducting a well orchestrated program of "social engineering" via all forms of media (in this case the target is eleven to seventeen year old girls), they need to pull their head out of their ass and seek help immediately. This is just insane.


  1. Somebody bought the magazine. If nobody did, it wouldn't matter what they printed. That's the key to stopping this nonsense, and it starts with avoiding the alphabet networks.

  2. Yo, Jeffery "...they need to pull their head out of their ass..." pretty sure that's not how anal sex goes.

  3. Name and Shame the advertisers in that rag. THEY are the magazine's true customer and the lever to get things changed..

  4. Shared this to FB. I had people talking about the first amendment and how freedom works. I tried to explain that for consenting adults that is fine, but for children, that is not fine. I STILL had idiots arguing the same thing. I tried to explain that we had minimum ages for alcohol and tobacco, and even consent for sexual acts. Hopefully they will get that. If not, then perhaps boycotts will work. But at least, someone will drop the hammer on these people. I am somehow reminded of Larry Flynt.

    1. Great points all the way around pigpen51 and I agree. Don't waste too much of your time arguing with these nutjobs. Besides, what has one done if they best a fool? LOL

  5. Well boys I dunno what to think about this. That shit is out there, people that kids admire are in their faces pushing it, and although I understand this mom and her reaction... I dunno if this is the way to handle it.

    I have a militant lesbian daughter. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Sexuality is only one of the demons that go along with that lifestyle - God knows there's others that are just as bad. I failed as a parent and a father and no bones about it. Maybe if I had sat down with my daughter to talk about stuff like this, she wouldn't have fallen into that cesspool?

    Maybe I'm full a beans too. Hold your kids close, fellas. I strongly suspect the people behind stuff like this are pedos too, and if so the first amendment doesn't apply. Your constitution is not a suicide pact.


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