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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

That Moment When You Go To The Interwebz And Look Up "Lying Sack Of Shit"....

I lost my plan and my primary care because the cost was way to prohibitive.


  1. Obama was, and is, a traitor.

  2. ours went from 350 a month for a decent plan to 600 a month for bottom of barrel coverage. Thankfully my teaching job has decent insurance.

  3. We went from being full-time employed to one part time job for 2 people after the 2008 crash. Then we went from no insurance to public insurance. Now we will be back to no insurance. As a diabetic that just sucks. I could handle it if all this was out fault but it isn't. Andy yes, I did say lying sack of shit. I didn't even get to keep my FREE doctor. [I paid through not suing the hospital he was affiliated with when a doctor screwed up a surgery]

  4. I am not that good at telling a lie, but I suppose if I practiced for 36 times, I could get this good as well.

    1. He told it way more than that many times.


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