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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things.....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI

** They're not called watermelons - green outside, red inside - for nothing.  Related:
** What if it's not CO2 at all?

** Am I a "fan" of Russia?  No.  But the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend, but definitely my ally.

** He sent Fauxcahontas a DNA test kit????  Using Alinsky against the Left.

** My edits:
1. Trump and Pence impeached
2. Ryan assumes the Presidency as per the Constitution
3. Liberals start civil war as Killary is denied, again
4. Conservatives - the ones with the guns - kill Liberals en masse
5. Having finally solved the Liberal Problem, America returns to prosperity and strength

** Quote: "That's good news for conservatives, at least in one sense: if Marcotte is right that Christians who
have children produce future conservative voters, leftists are in some serious demographic trouble."
>> How about this proposal: In exchange for unlimited abortion (up to three months), liberals agree to build
the wall and restrict immigation.  We'll have the Left extinct in two generations. 


** Read this.  Read this again.  Understand that decades of Leftist indoctrination are bearing Brownshirt fruit.

** Are we still in this cesspool?

http://www.gaypatriot.net/2017/07/16/a-couple-of-deaths-where-clinton-pops-up/ http://dailycaller.com/2017/07/14/exclusive-doubt-surfaces-about-suicide-claim-of-clinton-investigator/
** Possible Arkancides.

** The enemedia, attempting to reprise its role in America's loss in Vietnam by eroding American morale.

** The warnings are clear, screamed out by the common people.  The leadership is dead set for
committing national suicide.

** The more I read about this Russian woman, the more this stinks of a set-up planned "just in case" Trump won.

** Arrest, try, convict, and execute.  Put the head to rot at the immigration gate at the airport as a
warning to the next ones.  Channeling my "Inner Viking" here.


** Because The State owns your children in a totalitarian society.  Tar.  Feathers.  NOW!!!!!!

** It was never about "the environment" - except for the rubes - and ALWAYS about finding a level for Communism.

** Taquiyya.  Always expect taquiyya.  More:

** Sweden's National Police commissioner, pleaded for help as the police no longer have control.  But Leftists will
refuse to learn and demand ever-more Islamic invaders.  Because "diversity".  Related:
** Europe, hell-bent on killing itself.

** But... but... but tampons!  Birth control pills!  Menstruation vacations!  War on women!!!!!!!!!!

** Why, it's almost like they're deranged and insane about Trump.

** Between health care and this, the GOP is dead.

** Quote: "One wonders if Goetsch has pondered the possibility that were if not for the sacrifice
of veterans during World War II, she just might be plying her trade writing her tirades in Japanese
or German."
>> No, she hasn't.  And that's the problem.  For the Left, there is never any true danger of
anything changing significantly.  They don't have the cognitive wiring to see anything truly
outside what they already see.

** Planting the seed to make Single Payer the way to go.

** Read the dripping condescending attitude.

http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2017/07/09/media-silence-muslims-are-openly-selling-black-african-slaves-on-the-slave-market-and-no-one-seems-to-care.html http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2016/10/23/savages-isis-muslim-terrorists-cut-9-christian-children-in-half-with-chainsaw-in-accordance-with-sharia-court-
http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2016/02/07/murdered-she-was-a-strong-supporter-of-bringing-muslim-refugees-to-sweden-yet-this-was-her-fate-in-the-end.html http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2015/11/02/sweden-in-total-shock-as-muslim-refugee-rapes-girl-to-death-then-continues-after-she-died.html
** And yet Leftists want to keep bringing them to the US.  They have absolutely lost their
survival instinct...

** What I see here, regardless of there having been "collusion" (which I don't believe), is
Russia clearly taking advantage of the obsession the Left has with taking down Trump to sow
discord and widen divisions in the US - their enemy.

** Democrat politicians are corrupt, seditious traitors who side with America's enemies every time.

** Quote: "Labeling one as evil as opposed to wrong is critical. Wrong leaves room for debate. Evil makes
debate unnecessary - and entrenches the progressive default position as a result."
>> I look at this, and the above statement about Democrat politicians.  I did not label them as such
lightly.  For years I have given them the benefit of the doubt, but their actions (along with the RINOs)
against Trump have pushed me over the edge into understanding that they are working against America.
Some are ideologues, some just concerned about feathering their nest, but ALL are against the interests
of the average American.

** Even some liberals are concerned... but they won't stop.  It's GET TRUMP 24/7.  They will level
the protective forest to get to Trump, and then wonder why - after laying waste to the Rule of
Law - nobody respects the law any more.  Related:

** We're finding out the damage Barackus did.  And it's bad.

** More about vote fraud that the Left assures us never happens.

** Say, remember the Valarie Plame thing?  Here's an ACTUAL officer whose identity is let out.  Related:
** I remember that satellite phones were considered untraceable; apparently bin Ladin used one because of that
supposed security.  Then the NY Times-Traitor leaked that the NSA could, in fact, track them.  Poof.  Bin Ladin
stopped using it.

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