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Friday, April 13, 2012

What The HELL is Going On? Lots of Cops Getting Shot Recently....

Yesterday we had 5 officers shot in the small town of "Greenland NH"

Today we had a State Trooper and 2 others shot in "Chicopee MA"

I saw this post over at Kenny's that 2 more wore shot in
 "Modesto CA"


  1. What is interesting would be the number of people shot by cops in the same time period.

    Perhaps folks are just getting fed-up with the bullies...


  2. It's a dangerous job working with dangerous people.

  3. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)April 13, 2012 at 1:58 PM

    Kerodin: I have police officers in my family...If you knew what they go through every day, you would kiss their boots....twice.

    1. Phylis-Does your family policeman act like the ones did in this?


      If so, there's your answer.

      If not, are they a peace officer or a LEO????

      Big difference between the two.

  4. Jeez.....ain't that just too fucking bad.

    I do no bow down and kiss ANYONE'S boots!


  5. Phylis (N/W Jersey)April 14, 2012 at 12:04 PM

    No, that is not too bad. You can think and say whatever you want; and you have the right to do so. I can respectfully disagree with you and you can respectfully disagree with me.

  6. Phylis,

    I was not saying too bad to you.

    I was being sarcastic about the cops being shot.

    You see, most cops in our country feel that they are at war with us "civilians". They have forgotten that they are supposed to "Serve and Protect".

    I agree with Kerodin.....folks are totally fed up with the militarized bullies.

    Just my opinion, you see.


  7. Yep. Folks tired of getting bullied. Now they are bloodying some noses.

  8. their getting shot because they are assholes , They go to prick school , they treat everyone like they are guilty. Thats why

  9. I hired on before the great militarization of police. SWAT Teams were a new concept and only a few big cities had them. City police still carried .38s with those 158 grain round nose widow maker bullets. Drugs were just getting mainstream.

    Fines were not an important part of city and county budgets and there was no such thing as asset seizure without a guilty verdict. Crime was a business and criminals expected to spend time Inside. Criminals knew that raising a hand to an officer would get a major league beating. So, they hardly ever did, nor did we have to beat on them.

    The drug war changed all that. There were a lot of other factors. When I was a child black neighborhoods were clean. The War on Poverty changed that. The gangsta culture rose up. That ended the idea of going to jail as a cost of doing the crime biz.

    Police are shooting more people and more people are shooting police because the world has changed. And certainly not all for the better.

  10. First one was a "drug raid" over STEROIDS. You needed SWAT/Dynamic entry for that? you couldn't camp down the street and grab him when he left home? No pity for those pigs.

    Second was apparently an interrupted home-invasion - if so, sorry to have lost a Peace Officer.

    The third was a foreclosure/ eviction. Once again I say "he can't stay in there forever" - and (as I once told my ex-wife's Atty) "You know... when you take away everything that matters to a man, he MIGHT just act like he's got nothing left to lose!"

    People are fighting back against militarized police.

    It's going to get worse and worse....


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