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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DO NOT play near children or the easily-offended!

I don't condone all the language in this....

Effie Sue Washington Sounds Off on Trayvon

( From Chuck Redden Radio)

Effie Sue

  Effie Sue Washington joins us from time to time from her fish market downtown by the track 'on yo way back'. She is apt to discuss any subject from family to politics to music to men or offer select gossip on her closest of friends

H/T to DD.


  1. I started that last night just as Dixie came into the room, unfortunately.:)

  2. Tis a damn bloody shame they don't have more folks like her given face time... loved it.

  3. I'm still laughing...that was good. I'm sure glad my wife was sound asleep..she'd have slapped this laptop out of my lap.

  4. Removed due to "hate speech"??!!

    Oh for chrissakes...


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