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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Feel Safer Flying When I See This......


  1. Yep. That little old lady looks like a serious threat to national security. The wheelchair is dead giveaway.

  2. If there's an armed robbery and the suspect is described as a "white male, 5'10", approximately 30 years old," is it considered profiling to only stop white males? To be politically correct should police stop every black woman on the streets on the off chance that she might be the robber?

    So when 19 men that all share the EXACT SAME DESCRIPTION crash planes into buildings, why must we subject everyone who doesn't fit that description to these ludicrous searches?

    I'm kind of on the fringe of this argument. I don't view this as an "intrusion" of our liberties or anything like that. I just think it's shitty police work. If someone that looks like me (bald white guy) starts crashing planes into buildings then I will gladly be singled out at the airport.

  3. I will not fly due to the TSA. I refuse to get molested by a rehired mall cop on a power trip.

  4. I agree with Atlas. I will drive before I subject myself to one of those clowns.

  5. I stopped flying two years ago when my wife was terrorized and the ass clowns thought that they were going to molest me at the Spokane airport.

    We drive now.....period.

    Did a 6200 mile road trip in Dec-Jan. No TSA ass clowns hassling us.



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