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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Betcha 5 Bucks She Drives a Late Model Expensive Car Too......

 I did a little google work and found this comment on 4-6-2012 to the paper:

Questions arise over recent theft incident 4/6/2012 I read in the paper on Tuesday about a woman whose auto was burglarized. A purse worth $400, a wallet worth $200 and food stamp cards were taken. My question is this: How does a woman who can afford a $400 purse and $200 wallet qualify for food stamps?
Patsy Elliott
St. Simons Island


  1. Someone stole my food stamps from my Bentley!

  2. Ha..North... How are you? :)

  3. Doing OK, I guess. I will take possession of another gun today or tomorrow. More pics for the blog.

  4. Cool..Ill lurk when you post :)

  5. I actually have an explanation. This is what happens after you push a squad car around for 25 years.

    Very often, crime victims grossly inflate their losses hoping to cash in on insurance or at least make a little extra dough after the deductible is met. Rarely if ever, are contents in a car covered. There are other avenues of compensation such as homeowners policies or crime victim compensation programs (vary state to state) that will send you a check to help with losses. When I read that clip, it reminded of all those reports I once took.

  6. I want to be in Amereeeeka,
    everything free in Amereeeeka....


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