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Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanks and Welcome !

I would like to say HI and Welcome to the new subscribers that stopped and hit the follower button :)

I do appreciate all of you, longtimers and newbies, that stop by here on a daily basis.

 My blogger stats range from 4000- 6000 page views on a daily basis, at this rate I should be at 1 Million in 2 months time.

Thanks also to you guys and gals that send me emails of blogfodder to post  :D

  I enjoy your comments and try to respond back when I get a chance. I do read all of them
  ( and delete the spam for viagra, cialis, handbags , watches and what ever else that spammers are selling hahhahaha)

Again Welcome to you all, I'm glad you enjoy this little corner of the webz.

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