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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Lord... An Irish Moonbat........

A South Jersey man has come up with what he hopes is a solution to a controversy over the American flag that he flew in his yard — a flag bearing the image of President Barack Obama in place of the field of stars. Wes Kennedy, of the Acacia housing development in Lumberton, says he had no idea some of his neighbors had a problem with his flag until reporters started calling and telling him

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  1. This is the second time this flag has been seen. Some old Demobitch had it flying at there HQ building for the Dems. in Lake County Fl. Some Vets all but hung the bitch. She called the Sheriff over it. She took it down. She thought it was OK to put up. To me this is an act of TREASON.

  2. DEFINITELY a defaced American flag!

    1. In America, it is not illegal to be dumb fuck. I just can't imagine a good Irish kid that fucked up. I am going with the adopted theme.


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