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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Visited by The Overlords.....

It seems that one of the local towns has some issues with chemicals in the well water of several homes that are located near my business. I just had two gentlemen from the NH Dept of Environmental Services stop in to check out the facility. I guess everyone has a feather up on this one and they are going to all the local industrial parks to see what kind of work is being performed. 

I found the article about the issue in the local "NEWS" and it seems they are pretty sure that it came from a fire and spill that happened over 20 years ago. Me thinks they are using this to just to stick there noses in everyones business to see what they can find to bust balls.

With the day to day crap I have to deal with, I don't need big bother  ( yes I did that on purpose)  causing me any issues . Its just a small business trying to make a living.

We'll see.....

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