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Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Morning Men.... Don't You Wish Your Neighbor Was This Talented?

I know, I know.. the leg boots are silly, but I didn't really notice them.

Just Look At Her...Skills. brought to you by


  1. Pole dancer in training...

  2. Hell, I'd be happy with a neighbor that looked like that.

  3. how many seals needed to get clubbed to make those giant boots.....

  4. Will Rogers parlayed similar skill with a lariat into a paying career.

  5. She's really cute, but she needs to finish shaving her legs.

    MAJ Mike

  6. I've never wanted to be a hula hoop so much in my life : )

  7. Honestly guys she is obviously a deer woman, a kind of demon siren for Southwestern Native American lore. She wears those muffs on her feet so you don't see her hoofs. I did some research and found out that she murders men after entrancing them with her dancing.

    Here is the best advice I could find if you come across her, "According to Ojibwe tradition, she can be banished through the use of tobacco and chant[3] others say that you can break her spell by looking at her feet, which are in fact hooves. Once she is recognized for what she is, she runs away"


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