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Monday, March 19, 2012

I Have Always Believed That....

When your time is up, your time is up. There are so many near misses in ours lives. Some that we
are aware of and some that we don't even know happened. When ever there is an accident or tragedy like this I think to myself "What if?"

What if 10 seconds earlier or later during the course of the day you did something to change your fate.
It would either put you in the scene of the tragedy or not.

I just read this article and thought to myself there are so many what if's. 

What if she didn't need the bathroom?
What if she stopped next door?
What if she got up 10 minutes later?
What if the driver got up 10 minutes later?
What if........

I can't begin to fathom having to deal with this after all the dust settles. I feel so bad for the father.

A mother-to-be was using the bathroom at a hotel when a car careened into the building and sent a pile of debris on top of her, killing her.



  1. Like that recent tractor trailer/ car horrific crash in Russia.

  2. On Saturday night me and the wife were driving, and came upon a fresh accident between a car and drunk cyclist. The wife jumped out to assist as best she could (calling 911 and telling the guy to not get up, tho he only spoke Spanish) and I backed the truck over to block the lane, as others were still driving around, and would likely run over him if they were in too much a hurry. Cyclist is still in hospital in critical condition, car was towed as the windshield was completely shattered. It's floated thru my mind at least once that if we'd driven another route, we wouldn't have come upon the accident, or we might have come upon the intersection a few moments earlier, perhaps with *us* being the ones with a new hood ornament!


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