Monday, March 19, 2012

and Now I Make Billybob Jealous.......

I bought this back in 2007 on Ebay. It was sight unseen and paint job was a 20 footer which was kind of a 


I liked the truck because it had a newer TPI 350 and a 700R4 it rode good but I didn't want to get involved with

re-paint and all the little things that needed to be done. I sold it about 3 months later for the same amount that I 

paid for it so it didn't bother me to see it go.......


  1. Damn, that is a collector's item now :-) AND they will run forever! Friend back home has a 1939 one still going strong!

  2. Those are about the same upgrades I want to do to mine. Rear disc brakes added to that. Upgrade the electrical too, to support DVD and stuff. Basically, a nice family road trip ride.

    That thing was sweet. Not as nice as your Blazer though!

  3. My '89 would give me 22 MPG if I took it easy...
    No joke.
    But that's a what, a 74 or thereabouts?

  4. JC, This one is a '72 I believe, possibly a '71. Pissed? Which is it?

  5. Good morning, It is a 1972 :)


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