Friday, March 23, 2012

LIke a Boss.....

I might have to get a twatter  twitter account.........

A Minnesota teen has asked hundreds of porn stars to prom via Twitter, and at least two have accepted.
Fed up with being rejected by his female classmates, 18-year-old Tartan High School senior Mike Stone sent more than 600 tweets to various porn stars asking them to be his date to the dance May 12, the Daily Dot reported.

More "HERE"

You know I had to google Megan Piper and found out that the Principal 
won't allow her to go. I hope Mike gets a good lawyer.........




  1. That story opens up very demented thoughts of what I could have done at that age with todays technology

  2. The kid shows determination and good solid work ethics to make this happen for his prom and Bam!, The man slams him down.
    Pious bastards.

  3. She's a porn star? I don't ever remember seeing her....

  4. @Scott: she's one of a faceless herd of thousands of porn stars. It's not like the 70's where there were only a dozen or so to remember names of.

    Another teen pulled this stunt a dozen years ago by asking out the porn star "Houston," it made brief headlines, and the kid managed to parlay it into an appearance on the Howard Stern radio show.


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